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  1. bah! it should all be legal
  2. yea...so who am i suposed to play??? and cold?
  3. im away for the holidays aswell... and i dough i can contact d3k ::)
  4. I dont see a reason either but did you ever think about people who have siblings? I know my brother he follows in my foot step and im not going to get an other emperor game and an other computer just so that we dont (look) like we are multi nicking!
  5. But in the rules it only says if you use it to elevate your nicks...
  6. Yes i think that way i would never cancel a good player... But some people cancel because they fear of losing points...
  7. Ok if some one thinks that using more then one login in the qm ladder without playing yourself... is concidered cheating pleason post here and tell me why Cause this multi nick thing is driving me crazy i dont see any reason why you couldn`t. Im not gone tell me brother to stop playing just cause im playing. The only way i would concider cheating is if a guy with the same IP played himself. But if you do not then i dont see why it is cheating
  8. im going to add the past months to my champ page... and i will put multi nickers... if your not happy (marcel) then make your OWN FREAKIN champ page!
  9. i usaly have a big glass of pure orange juice hehe besides that i always lisen to some hard core heavy metal.... i need it to play qm dont ask why... ::)
  10. I dont think people are going to like you for all the trouble your causing and all the freakin flame wars... You have caused more harm then good man...
  11. maybe we should make a thread with all the usefull emperor sites eh?
  12. If theres anything you guys would want me to add just tell me
  13. i use to built them alot when i won my atreides title as mdkfrost... i always used them to take out kobra`s or minos that where in my way.... like the starting unit
  14. Yes i totaly agree... i aint to happy with what he did... i did not multinick in qm so why does he have to go and do a thing like this... >:(
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