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  1. [ out of topic ] Pr you are plataous? plataous was a old friend of portugal... Prazer brother ^^
  2. Agreed! rap: hmm its impossible of forgot, 30k preb on, guild rushs and LOTS of cheats... lol make me laugh all the day baby... bilbo sucked big and you.... pfu
  3. ROFL Hobbitz lol TCF .... adl (all day laughing) SKUM RULED THIS GAME DAMN! thread not necessary....
  4. Nathan still playing? Slim2011? ( where is you bro? ) Mord? Doom? Ace? no one is playing?
  5. Well, i cant play before of september but GL and GGS 4 all! [sKUM BAGGS STILL RULING?]
  6. I will back in september, sign me 2 if possible. Thanks... #Edit: Nav tourny nick: Z3rl Missed u 2 nav ^^
  7. Yea one more sell for ww, perhaps hes give us one ladder by consideration... isnt dead but one sell per year...
  8. Baby only theilaxu sucks (damn cruel in 2vs2) Guilds mark 2
  9. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG TIME FRIENDS :'(:) h3y ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh jesus i was traveling and have 2 days that i back (oh english ;D) oh my good i dont have words to transmit my emotion :) i hope that in next week i back to play and see you all again here and in EBFD :) ok lets reply ..... RAPTOR SKUM ENDO SOW ATRS CHROAM STOEM PIG D3MON ROTA FEW BOP GOD ERT lots... well i BRB ;)
  10. well page me when u see me online 4 we play again!! 8) P.S: Man i dont believe what happened today!... i was playing in rain weather here and the force down and re started my pc >:( ahhh im furious i kicked all the day all the walls here, arghhhh plz rematch rematch Brenn!!!! :- :'( :'( my rank :'( :'( my points :'( :'( i never will play again if rain >:(
  11. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
  12. Haha i play 4 fun not for ppl... cya
  13. LOL! man a good device is make other clan and never NEVER give ur adm pass 4 anyone ;)... other device, never give the pass for all ppl (only ppl that u want that join) now anyone can join in ur clan or delete u and make other adm pass... cya
  14. Well normaly im a ordos player (my favorite house) but im playing 4 fun with hark this month... well ppl liking or no (not interest me) is probably that i will use a other nick with house ordos this month will be or zyr0xtank or z3rl... cya
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