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  1. Yeah, looks really nice. But i don't think it can replace the great gameplay of emperor. Well lets have a look as soon as it's out! Release Date?
  2. You are a bit late changing from dune2k to Emperor Battle for dune :/
  3. I see, you really only play fishers nowadays :P
  4. Ah OK, no problem ;) I was really surprised and could not believe people still D/C although not much players left :P
  5. lol youko you are crazy xD You allways play the same map fishers even in 1v1 :O ::) ::) :'( -> Boring!
  6. reinstall EBF4 and then try again with xvis... :P Sorry, don't have a better idea... but you have to fix it.. i wan't to play with or vs. you :D
  7. Hallo there, i have installed a German Version & German Patch 1.09 of EBFD. But i dont have my german CD's here right now. So I'm playing with the cd's of my second copy of EBFD. But it's an english version. Works all fine. Of course in the campaign it's english languare and no german. But my question is. Can this makes problems while online playing? Tried to play two multiplayer games (2on2 & 3on3) and we got both times 'no longer synchronously' .... not sure if it was my fault but maybe it's cos the differenz languages? I also played two 1on1 Games and they worked fine Some idea? Thx Greetz Sarlour
  8. Yeah, just joking.. ;D Just tried to play the game now again :) still a great game... CNC 3 TW is better then generals.. but not even close to emp... :P But it seems you are only ~10 players left or? And do me a Favor , dont play allways the same map 8) We should play some games youko :) Well i guess the most players still playing come from America... so my problem is the time difference (+6h ) :- I want a QM :P
  9. Hey mord :D Are you still the best player ever :P
  10. You really still play it in 2007 ^^? Nice !! And yes, like Kalony said it's the best game ever... ;)
  11. Ohhh well nice to see you still play that great Game :D hehe... even some players i remember! :P Well have fun.. :) I also tried playing today but my router did not make it possible :( I miss the old times...
  12. oh ok that explain it then i played my last games after that ww time..
  13. LOL yeah that zfsklave d/c me too yesterday when i had 10 minos in his entrace ;D but i got the points so ok
  14. I have a question: I am here 10th, there are 4 players in front of me which are in ranks behind me ! This a mistake or did u create that list before the ladder finished ? It does not really matter for me but i think it is incorrect
  15. I don`t use often the sonic tank he has so light amour but the sonic is very strong, but u can dropp him in enemys base, i hate it that it kill also your own units so u cannot use it in big groups like minos or kobras I remember to a mission in the harkonnen campagne where u find some sonics about 10 lol they fire to my scout and destroyed their own tanks. Earlier I used it for devensive it is in front and behind it a few minos and repair vehicle but normally i do not build starport
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