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Which (Dune novel) would you have rather read:


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The Butlerian Jihad that was going to be a collaboration between Frank Herbert and Dr.McNelly, or the Legends ofDune trilogy by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, both of which are supposed to cover the same time period and materials.

I really wish McNelly had let me read those first two chapters he had written for the butlerian jihad, jsut so I could see how similar it is to what the Legends of Dune trilogy is, especially since he sent a copy to Brian which Brian never commented on and then a couple years later wrote these books with Anderson.....

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Definitely Frank and Willis's Butlerian Jihad. Frank Herbert was a marvellous writer, who didn't need page after page of action to keep a reader hooked, he could hide things within the philosophies expressed in his books that a person might find only after reading two or three times.

But Kevin J. Anderson, while a marvellous author, just can't write Dune right, and neither can Brian, I look forward to the day they stop massacring it.

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I would read Frank and Willis's work. It was based off of the info from the DE. Thats what Willis said. If you read that stuff it sounds very good. Still though I cant wait to read brian and kevin's version. Any Dune is good Dune to me.lol

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