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  1. Just noticed it. http://boardserver.superstats.com/list.html?u=MRAnderson&f=1
  2. But it really is, 100%, exactly the same as the Alan Smithee VHS version that's been available (albeit, in discreet circles) for years now?
  3. OK, so you are questioning his morality. Just double-checking. That has nothing to do with your view.
  4. But then we're not talking about writing. Dante is turning it into a discussion of morality.
  5. I didn't realize bitter 18 year olds were such excellent judges of men old enough to be their grandfather, yet they know nothing about.
  6. I mean no offense, but that pretty much says it right there. I don't believe Frank would have ever actually gone as far as saying (or even thinking), "Blast! That encyclopedia is apocryphal!" but I don't believe he ever would have used it as a backstory/database for whatever he would have written beyond Dune 6. I'd trust that whatever sentiment he would have held toward the encyclopedia, Brian Herbert may (or may not have) been privy to. But it's his call. Honestly, if the notes and whatnot didn't conflict with the encyclopedia, I can't think of very many reasons why Brian wouldn't have included McNelly "in the mix" of his prequels... what would have been the harm?
  7. I haven't picked up my copy yet, but it does seem to sport a nice tin-esque box. Looks very sharp. I understand the extended version is -- verbatim -- the extended "Alan Smithee" version that's been floating around on pirated VHS and home-made DVD for years now, which I've seen. My question is, is the extended version now on official DVD cleaned up and cut "smoother"?
  8. Movie was outstanding, absolutely. And the encyclopedia is excellent reading material (even FH said he enjoyed it), absolutely. And you're right, FH encouraged open interpretation of his work.
  9. So Brian Herbert is lying about his dead father in this, too... *sigh* I give up. Frank Herbert endorsed many things. He endorsed Dune bedsheets, Dune action figures, all kinds of Dune stuff. You guessed it, he endorsed the Dune movie and even worked heavily with Lynch ... oh look, it's raining on Dune! Is that canon? Absolutely not.
  10. Depends on what's your preference, really. There's no "right" answer. If you dig chronology, of course you'd go the "Legends of Dune" trilogy, the "Prelude to Dune" trilogy, then Dune 1-6. If you aren't interested in the Jihad except as a sidestory, maybe do the "Prelude to Dune" trilogy and then Dune 1-6, the "Legends of Dune" trilogy as an afterthought. Otherwise, if you want to take full scope of Frank Herbert's work first and foremost, of course you'd want to go Dune 1-6, then everything else. I wouldn't worry too much about the Dune Encyclopedia. It's not official, it's been denounced by the Herbert Limited Partnership, and only goes from Dune - God Emperor of Dune anyway. You'll just confuse yourself when you start reading the prequels/Legends/Dune7-8. Read it if you want, but take it with a grain of salt.
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