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You can use password protection for MS word documents, either for opening or modifying them.

Though my FAQ isn't protected in anyway, except the fact I will try to sue anyone who will try to make money of it (Aside me, who would gladly like to profit from it...)

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You mean how to make a PDF file ?

Just use Adobe. [ not the reader ! ] And if you havn't got access to publisher [ which I can understand, it's not that cheap ] you can use Ghostview. There is a Linux and Windows version of Ghostview [ my Win version has that nice little ghost with those houdge red spectacles, it just looks funny ;D ]. The signing can be done with adobe itself or with encryption programms. Like PGP for instance.

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No no no, okay, everyone, download Shi's Dune2000 FAQ, and try to right in it. It's just a normal word doc, apart from that. You can't type in it, you can copy and paste the wholoe lot and type in it, but, not the original.


Thanx for telling me how to make PDF docs. What do I need?

Adobe what?


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Adobe is the company I think. That's why Adobe Photoshop and other stuff also exist. The "Adobe Acrobat" is found in two programs: Reader (the free one) and Publisher.

If you get Publisher, Reader will come with it. With "Adobe Acrobat Publisher" (also called "Adobe Publisher" I guess), you can make PDF files and I'm sure that there's a help file coming with it. Maybe you wont even need any help file once you have it in front of you.

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