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Kwisatz Haderach Suggestions


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oh, I hate suprises. Ill get you Edric, ill get you.

I have not put the idea into practice. But I can make a, you know the small fremen tents you find in campaign in fremen villages?? That would be the model I think.

It will be built on rock only.

It will sink below the rock and can hold five people in it.

More on this later, as Edric said, version 2 first.

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In both ways I thought, neither could make the bunker.

But you know the big transport units, I could make a portable one out of those.

I could do the search lights, but they aren't really worth it, the have too little use, and will clutter the game to much.

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Like Zhuge Liang in my Mod. I would be an enginneer person with a really good gun. Nema could use a paintbrush, and paint the enemy buildings to your colour so you can contol them. Edric O could unlock new tech, since he makes what the units are. Ghosty could Build heaps of stuff for a very cheap price.

Or something like that.

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