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  1. idea how about buildable search lights that show up stealth units
  2. shelter would be a great idea to keep your units from getting blown away very useful if u just wasted loads of time getting 100 sardukar and then a storm comes at drgs them all away
  3. right i found the xaf and the tex for it out of the map editor is there anyway i can use this to add it to the game
  4. 8mb isn't alot even on a 56k modem u can download 30meg in 3hrs if u get a good speed of 4k/s if anyone wants a download accelartor with apause feature just IM me and i'll send u a link
  5. jacob the files you just released don't really work they restore the atredies units remove the sardukar etc
  6. right the ordos have shields now if i'm right then shouldn't that pull in every worm for 100+km
  7. right there are suppose to be 3 worms but i realy see the big worms and don't think i've ever seen the largest i've heard of them from mates who have been moving lots of devastators around or las tanks but i don't play as ordos that often and never move devastators across sand i always fly them so can u tell me how to make land worm appear less and the largest worm appaer more
  8. nope also could you give corrino better air defense tried of hark ADPs attacking me and getting away with it
  9. well about the fremen prob when i set my sub house as only fermen or as fremen and *insert sub house here* i can't use the fremen there just not there shame as well love to have both corrino and fremen fighting to tegether also will this version allow you to play against corrino
  10. is it possible to make a imperial place for emperor the one shape like <> / just wondering if so how
  11. corrino has a lack of a decent weapon to counter the mino and kobra range also a lack of air defense for corrino corrino can not use the fremen the corrino APC is too slow and weak
  12. it is possible to get the guniap to fire go look at my posts in this forum someone in there told me how to do it just contact them and ask i have tried it out and it works
  13. i normaly don't play as ordos only playin as it cos i leant my other disks to my mates
  14. found that u can hide dust scout is the dust bowls this is great for killing off infantry fast they walk past not knowing your there then u just bring them out
  15. best graphics settings for emperor and is there anyway to make the game look better
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