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Whos your Favorite House?


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The rest seem a bit dull.

But something to point out is I started with Ordos, then Harkonnen, then Atreides, but I got so bored with Atreides I never finished it.

And funny thing was, in the final battle with Harkonnen, I took over the Ordos factory and built Laser tanks.

If I'd played another house first I reckon my opinion would've been different.

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For me, House Harkonnen rocks. Their units just keep advancing and attacking at full strength no matter how much damage they've coped. Second would be the Atreides, I like their long range, especially their Kindjal Infantry. As for the Ordos...

Well, the Ordos, they're just so hard to love....  ;D

Their units are just so weak it's laughable.  ::) They say that ineffieciency will not be tolerated. Well just look at the Anti-Aircraft mine...  ;D

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Westwood isn't making another Dune game...

And didn't you say before that you used to work at Westwood but you don't anymore?

Oh and here are some polls we did a while ago on this subject:

What House in Emperor is strongest?

39.3% - (349 Votes) - House Atreides

25.8% - (229 Votes) - House Harkonnen

19.7% - (175 Votes) - House Ordos

15% - (133 Votes) - Unsure

Total Votes: 886

What is your favourite Subhouse in Emperor?

39.5% - (85 Votes) - The Fremen

28.8% - (62 Votes) - The Sardaukar

17.6% - (38 Votes) - House Ix

7.4% - (16 Votes) - House Tleilaxu

6.5% - (14 Votes) - The Guild

Total Votes: 215

What is your favourite House?

51.4% (225 Votes) - Atreides

22.8% (100 Votes) - Harkonnen

15.3% (67 Votes) - Ordos

5.2% (23 Votes) - Other

5% (22 Votes) - Corrino

Total Votes: 437

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The 3-legged cockroach of the harkonnen may be able to inflict more damage than the atreides (just), but they are tactically far weaker... The ordos are good when micromanaged, but can be defeated by forcing a head-to head combat. Hence Atreides strikes the most universal balance.

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