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Whos your Favorite House?


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Atreides the most powerfull house... *cough cough*

Even a Cockroach can inflict more damage then the Atreides.

Oh yeah?Well,what do you say about that big fat buffoon you call a leader?You just rely on sheer strengh because you and the"mentats"if you call them that,don't have no brain and can't plan anything strategical!5 elite imperial sardines could probably take out a 15 man army if planned carefully!but ,as we all know,you harkys just really on sheer mass and strength to win!Even the Ordos can be better than you at times!Long live Ordos and Atreides and death to harks!And what do you eat?oh thats right,you eat toxic waste that wastes away your brain!And tell the "baron" to go on a diet!  

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This fat buffon is dead now! I`m now supreme commander of Harkonnen and I say that they are most powerful House in whole universe! Atreides are good and they cry when they killing enemy. Ordos have Executrix that nobody knows who their are. Don`t mess with our forces! We will crush everyone who oppose us!

And we are ally with Tayrons, isn`t that right, Kirov ;)

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Indeed. If you want to know the general thing's about the Tayrons. Message me.

I don't want to spam the board's with my Manga books. :)

Oh yeah and one more thing, We fight much more better , because we are not wimp's like the Ordos and Atreides. Ordos die's so very quick. Even with their pathethic shields, The Atreides is being so tough with their training and yet they get killed by a poke in the chest. While we Harkonnen have Wise leader's and

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And! Harkonnen have supreme commander Gunseng that nobody can mess with ;). Harkonnen are best, and Kirov of course has right now, even if Ordos and Atreides ally (what won`t happen, becouse of different personality), they won`t stop us in destroy them

And Ordos want spice melange...we too! So Houses must fight if everyone wants have spice...who control spice, control universe :)

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That's your own taste, the fact is. I love every anime style, sailormoon and dbz happens to be one my favorite manga serie's. Rpging with Sailormoon series is pretty cool too.... Esp when you add some "weird" thing's in the story :)

*Laughs as a Sailor Senshi runs around and screams "For Shai-Halud!!! "

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