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Fremen Worm Riders


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A Worm-strategy:

Have always a group of fedaykins standing by. And have always one riding a worm or calling one...

How quick the worm appears is random, just bases on how far the worm needs to travel.

Worms will flee into sand after a while so deploy fedaykins not far from their targets

Worms are very effective against moving armies (like the mino-rush) but need more tactics when attacking stand-still armies.

Don't let the worm take large distances but move it from spot to spot. When a worm has no order, it will do what it like so let it always have an order.

Attack by riding over the target

Harvesters are a perfect target for worms.

Use mutliple worms when attacking large armies on sand.

When a fedaykin is calling a worm, don't get distracted by enemy fedaykin who are attacking your fedaykin

Check regurarly your radar for other fedaykin calling a worm.

Good luck with the power of Shai-Halud

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Worm Riding tip:

Worm riders are the worst unit at turning around sharply. If you try to do a sharp U-turn, it will go mad and the green 'move to' line will change direction rapidly. It takes ages of constant clicking to get a Worm to turn sharply so steer gently and don't try to go back for a target you just missed - find others then come back.

And watch out for Sonic tanks/enemy Fedaykin - Worm riders die quickly to resonance weapons. They can plough through just about anything else though (except I guess, a wall of Devastators and Missile tanks, though experience hasn't confirmed/disproven this yet).

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Another wormtip. If you want to attack a standing mino-rush (when it's no too big), take a distance, and go straight for it! You will be surprised (and the enemy  ;D) how quick a worm can be. The mino's just fire to slow... (though they hit them a bit)...

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