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  1. I actually think that maybe the movie will be PRE darth vader conversion. I find it hard to believe that after hyping anakin up to be the new series hero that Lucus will loose the "teen girl with deer caught in the headlights look on her face" ticket sales. Just because the movies are prequels doesn't mean there cannot be any discontinuities between the last prequel and episode iv. Lucus could allways say he intends on making a 4th movie in a few years.
  2. Yeah, thats what I was talking about. But, all the rings were made with Sauron's influence. He was there "learning" when they were made. He "helped" make them. So that makes them all evil when he yields the binding ring. When he doesn't have the binding ring, then the other rings do their own thing like you said. FWH
  3. Frodo_I

    FYI for all

    DDOS = Distributed Denial Of Service attack. It means people can try to access you and cannot because someone has overloaded your bandwidth. No where in DDOS does it say you can only do it with pinging a server. Sub7 is the program the people use to take over the computers or the "zombies". It doesn't have to be SUb7, but it is in this particular case. Sub7 can ALSO be used to format your hard drive if the bot "script kiddy" decides to. Hence why I said the "bot nets" are particularily hazardous to gamers health. Reciently, there was a guy that was also using activeX controls, something where it automatically installs and you never are even "prompted" for approval. Gob might not even know about that one. Basically you have to have activeX controls shut off or a good antivirus program because the "free" virus software did not catch it. You don't see any advertising of the trojans on WWOL because the two guys that were doing it got caught, at least one got caught and had his secret server taken away, the other guy went on vacation and has yet to do it since. But I may still have one of the links they used, if i find it i'll post it just to show you what the sites advertising them looked like FWH
  4. Frodo_I

    FYI for all

    WOW, Gob's getting cynical!! :O And it DOES have to do with online gaming. You guys here may not have seen it much but the entire WW community was getting spammed with advertisments for downloading trainers, hacks, and custom maps when in fact it was the trojan >:(. Thats how these guys get their "zombies", from kids and unsuspecting gamers! ANd Gob, face it, not everyone has your skillz with checking ports and scanning for infected files ;). For that matter, you cannot scan for sub7 cause it inputs a RANDOMLY named file into your computer and then deletes itself! How can you scan for something named "evilprogram" when it's real name is 00789nm33?? The best thing to do is be aware that there is a something that sucks up your bandwidth, don't install downloaded programs without scanning it first, tell people about it, which is what i'm doing for you guys ;D and gryphon, I understand your point, and your entitled to your opinion, but ddos attacks DO harm, if you own a business, use messaging for school, do online transactions, etc, it affects you in a serious way. And don't say it cannot infect your computer, because the Sub7 allows the hackers to INPUT commands to your computer as well. Just cause commands are input through IRC doesn't mean they never hurt your computer, that !udp command is just one of many, MANY commands that can be sent to all or any zombie computer. FWH
  5. Frodo_I

    FYI for all

    http://grc.com/dos/grcdos.htm Take a look at that article and please read it. That article details how kids are using IRC and IRCD chat in online video games to take over your computer. I know the article is long, if anyone wants to summarize it feel free; but, it tells you why they do it, how it's done, where it's done, how to test to see if you have it, what to do if you do have it and want it removed, what firewalls do and DO NOT detect it, etc, etc Any self respectable gamer that doesn't want his/her cable line being used without his/her permission WILL read this article! FWH
  6. If you want the opinion of an old timer that still visits the site, then Thoxens kool. I gotta give props for the guy spending so long developing an atreites wall. If he had done that back when the QM was still getting alot of use he might have taken my WOL calendars away ;) Unfortunately we used to allways rush his partner then 2v1 him till he gave in. Once he still won (won't say who my partner was then) Viligent was allways too busy making ppl accept his own settings, he shouldn't be on there, heh Xvayne still plays?? jeese i thought that guys was married and had 2 kids by now??!! How come noone mentioned Nav.........*snicker* ;D ACE i remember being real good. But ACE was only good at ordos i think U guys should do a poll for best player that went random all the time FWH
  7. First Westwoodexposed.com was shut down by the web site host because he got alot of complaints from one web site that didn't like us talking about trainers since it was making WW look bad Then Westwoodexposed.net was opened. If anyone saw that site in the last month or two the new design was made by myself. That site shut down like a week ago because in part due to one of the two or three guys making bot nets packeting(one of these guys also works for an irc network called radiantx.net). By the way Westwoodexposed.net, at its end was trying hard to keep online gaming in WW safer. The straw that broke the camels back was when the Westwoodexposed.net web site creator Ty[wse] went into the official IRC chat for the site and saw all the characters from radiantx that he knows did or do help in hacking or spreading trojans. He asked to have them banned and the network admins (which work with the westwoodexposed.net hoster) said no. After that the site creator got sick of dealing with these type of ppl and decided the site wasn't worth the trouble anymore Ty[wse] is still pursuing cheat free servers. He has had to replace several ppl that left the project. I don't see the servers coming up in the near future though. Ty is very adamant about wanting to complete the project, but he doesn't have the programming skills yet to finish the work on his own. He is in school to get the programming backround, and he has friends helping him again now, but its gonna take a while I should be making my own site in the near future as soon as i take a little vacation from site design, forum installations (we used vBulletin), and site updates. If anyone wants info on my site I'll be happy to pm them but i don't want to give too many ppl ideas before i get it up, heh FWH
  8. I haven't seen any posts about this so i apologize if i posted about something previously covered. Just thought i would help out u guys since EBFD chat runs on IRC. WOL games, specifically TS/FS and RA2, have a few guys going into the online chat rooms using IRC scripts advertising trainers and hacks for the games. If you visit the site and install the trainer nothing happens visibly. What does happen is that the program/trojan reconfigures your MIRC settings after installing a clone MIRC program on your computer. Unknown to the user some guy far away is using part of your internet connection bandwidth for a "botnet". For anyone not familar with a botnet here's a URL to educate yourself: http://golcor.tripod.com/gtbot/gtbot_accessdiver.htm Botnets can be configured to make slave packeters, keyboard loggers, or even change your computer settings like an actual "hack" of your computer. The trojans that i have seen advertised are NOT, i repeat NOT detected by virus scanners. Maybe Nyar can submit their info to the right places and change that. Nyar if you pm my i'll try and find a site advertising but they go up and down as ppl try and close them once they know what they are For those of you saying "he's crazy, TS or RA2 or whatever game is +M, it doesn't have online chat enabled" wrongo. You cannot chat thru your game console, but you can chat thru the use of an IRC program remotely connected to the IRC server used for the game chat room My old website did an article on one of the guys advertising these trojans and he decided to packet the site. We had over 200 guests logged onto our forums at once cause of the guy, so there ARE kids out there gullable enough to install this stuff Just a heads up. If you think your infected i have info on how to remove the older versions. I'm not sure if any newer versions are being used FWH
  9. I read your info Nyar and I have to sympathsize with Leto's confusion. I don't care if my provider is next to my house, if I'm using a phone line thats 20 years old and can only send or recieve 10kbps when the game wants 17kbps there will be lag/slowerplay/whateveryouwanttocallit. The same doesn't happen with cable, unless theres alot of ppl on the same port at once as you pointed out. When I talk about connection speed I naturally refer to the bottleneck, which in my experience is almost allways the phone line quality. Maybe leto was referring to his phone line but saying his 56K modem?? FWH
  10. Edrico, shame, shame, shame on you. Am i gonna have to dust off the ol' EBFD game just to prove you wrong?? heh, hi all, Been a while :) Here's a rush i liked to use against ordos and hark. Build your factory and infantry barracks. Pump out 5 mongooses and about 20 snipers, then boom, send all to their base. The snipers, one shot one kill, take out all the infantry that can easily kill mongooses. The mongooses kill anything heavy (remember your early in game, not TOO much heavy stuff) The mongooses also devastate their harvesting if you get there before the base. Last thing i love about this tatic. Mongooses can shoot while running away. So if you get screwed (usually cause you didn't "spread" your snipers and they send flametroopers or gas troopers at you) You can still do damage while running back to your base (or your partners if you want to make him mad, heh) Edit* forgot to add that there is micromanaging involved. For instance, you can't move up your snipers too far in front of the mongooses or the opponents vehicles will wipe out your snipers. Same goes for the mongooses, don't get them too close to the opponents infantry or bye bye mongooses. Good tatic, used it many a time against hark. Less successful against ordos cause ordos allways dust scout rush as a standard tatic anyways (bleah!) FWH
  11. i would say yes, since you didn't get banned or have your post deleted for making that comment. On the renegade forums you would have ;D FWH
  12. something Duke Leetwannabe left out Well if there intending on revisiting that universe and there NOT making any expansions then i guess there gonna make a SCII aren't they?? duh And don't say it won't be called starcraft cause they say there planning on revisiting the "starcraft" universe
  13. The best way to get WW to correct their mistakes is to hit them in the pocketbook, wse proved that with renegade. Also, if you haven't tried it, the jedi knight series is really good, there's also star trek rts games that are quite good too FWH
  14. With all the complaining you guys have had (including myself) about the lack of help/support from WW on emperor i thought i might point out one aspect of the WW game your very lucky to have; a forum hosted by someone other than WW, in this case Gob ;D With the recient complaints about patches and the discovery of an aimbot the WW renegade forum members are becoming quite baffled at the number of posts dissappearing, the number of users profiles being locked (preventing signature and password changes), and the number of forum members changing names when their account gets deleted/banned ??? :O. I've also been told the same is going on at the official generals forum regarding the controversial decision by EA/WW to play generals on GSA and not WOL. I can't confirm that though since i don't view those forums much. Funny how both forums are administered by the same person :O Thats not going on here, for the most part you guys have a tight community :), and Gob gives noticeable latitude in your posts, kudos Gob ;D. Ironically it seems that the decision by ww to delete the old ww hosted forum and make Gob's site home for the new emperor battle for dune forum was a good idea, funny how things work out, eh?
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