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Weak Harkonnen units (Inkvine, Flame Tank)


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The problem in that mission is being attacked and not able to cope with them. Death hand is easy, they always (always) target your con. yard.

Destroy the turrets. Get Ix to help, use infiltrators to damage the palace so that you can do final damage to the palace while Devastators attack your missile tanks.

Projectors come in useful here if you are in the late-game. Duplicate Missile Tanks and target the Devastators, non-stop, till they're dead. Then get some Devastator duplicates of your own (leave one Devastator alive) and then destroy the Palace

Note: This strat is only for alliance with Supreme Commander Gunseng.

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Well, good strat, but if somebody is  without infiltrators yet, as I was...I played this yesterday one more time. At the beggining I produced as many assaults and troops as I could, two factories and no turrets. When I kicked a** Copec fools and destrot gunships he sent for me, I start produce inkvines and missile...many misslie. I had very strong defence and Copec fools couldnt do anything to me. Then I sent 10 missile to his base and destroyed palace.

*funny movie*

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lol yeah... i had a cloaked missile tank last day..... god that think kicked ass... killed many units with them.. and now it's an elite unit. Only one problem with  missile tanks though... they have about equal range as the rocket turret on higher ground giving me no advantage..... and an elite missile tank can not beat a missile turret... unless it retreats and heals and comes back ofcourse.... it can hardly survive on salvo of the rocket turret

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