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Weak Harkonnen units (Inkvine, Flame Tank)


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Inkvines are one of the most powerful units when used properly. They outrange the Kobras, and do massive damage. the inaccuracy is not a problem when used against Kobras. and the laser tanks get killed by the flame tanks next to them. an army of inkvines and flame tanks cant win a base, but can stop a rush effectively.

why does everybody look down on such great units?

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Harkonnen units have a bad reputation of course they would they are Harkonnen units. lol Most of the time people just focus on their brute strenght which is important but not always the key to using them well. This display of a Harkonnen units shows some innovation using our "muscle-minded thinking" fiends the Harkonnen.

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now look here *points at the whiteboard, then draws a small picture that looks like a cement-mixer*

this is a flame tank. it is very powerful against infantry sitting on infantry rock having picnics on there. however...

park them next to the enemy barracks and u may get ridiculous kills. kindjals need time to deploy and by then they're pretty much dead.

*erases off the 'flame tank' and draws a cardboard with a spoon on it*

this is an inkvine catapult. do not underestimate it however, most successful attacks never go wrong with the inkvine catapult. it's very fast (imagine a catapult faster than an assault tank) and fires at incredible ranges. with height bonuses he might as well me a turret that is indestructible.

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apparently u need to use them well. keep the inkvines out of fire, and get the flame tanks as close to your enemies as possible. they have 2 firing ports, and getting both concentrated on one unit would do more harm than good (to your enemy. anyway there's nothing good, just pure heat)

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