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Weak Harkonnen units (Inkvine, Flame Tank)


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back to the subject... Flame Tanks are one of the best dispite their armor. Fire hurts everything, but its pretty useless against high armored vehicles EX: (Atredies) Minitorus, (Ordos) Kobra, (Harkonnen) Devestator

and for the inkvine...they just plain suck, even though you can set the inkvine fluid on fire. These things were ment for Infantry and Projection Units only

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nice strat Gunseng_Harkonnen you live up to your name.

Inkvine Catapults are also powerful in campaigns, when the Atreides like sitting snipers and deployed kindjals around (Harkonnen Easy Campaign, Sardaukar only (Allies), attack Caladan).

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