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  1. True, true. Ordos Deviator that can deviate infantry:)
  2. [cloor=Red] Deviator or Sonic tank. And Devs have to cost , or it can be instead of Death Hand :)
  3. NIAD = Navigator In A Devastator :)
  4. Mangoose +I think that House Harkonnen are the best. They have strongest units. The Best unit.....Hmm I'll say two sest units of the house:) Ordos: Las tank + Deviator ATR:Mangoose + Kinjal inf. Harkonnen:Assault Tank + Inkvine( or Devastator) Hark Devastator is good Anti vechiles or aircraft Inkvine for infantry.
  5. But it should be made from other than the first Frank Herbert's book.
  6. True, Alex. I don't say I can program a mod, but if you can(I know this) then just FINISH your job. Expansiun pack is not a change. Look at the Diablo2 ant Diablo2:Lord of Destruction. That's the expansion pack. P.S. Alex, I have completed Emperor with Atreides, can you lend me Ordos CD so I'll be able to play with ORD. I'll give you back te CD a the same day, I'll just copy it. (Sory P.S. was off topic):(
  7. True...True... And don't forget Sardaukars:)
  8. I can't play KH. I've got an update v1.09, but Emperor Loads 3/4 then closes atomatically. I have Windows XP. Where's the problem?
  9. Yeah, I don't like starwars very much too. :) DUNE is old movie and don't expect effects like "The Matrix" or starwars.
  10. I have seen this movie. I want to know what do others think about DUNE. I think that movie is great. (But it would be better if the end was other).
  11. NIABs is good for "they suspect nothing" attack
  12. Baron_Harkonnen


    I don't know really.
  13. I have said that ordos were weak. BUT ATREIDES ARE 99x weaker.
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