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Yeah, there is a HIgh TOp EliTe BacKing .......   ME ME ME ME ME  :P

ok guys, u all got a Top highest like even elite 10 stars backing again.

Tell me place and host name and pass, i will be there defecting u.

Remember, i m a god of war.

no1 face me.

I WANT RA server.....     i got original CD but i lost my serial so i use key-gen. ???

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Gotta download LogMeIn Hamachi the join a network, to get started you should try dune122  password: 1

after that hopefully Sjleo can get you to sign in to one of the larger networks.  Theres also Tunngle but less people use that.  Also I think more people are starting to use MSN to communicate in addition to the Hamachi chat because MSN gives u a noise notification etc.  I'm sure you can figure all that out once you join the network.  Be aware people are on at all different times. The most popular times seem to be around 8am- 2PM Pacific Standard Time, and 11PM-2AM or so PST.  This is because the majority in the network right now are Russian.

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Game is live!!!

i ask all to come  into  network

ebfd2001        / the password - ebfd2001

ebfd2001 +      / the password is not present

ebfd2001 ++    / the password is not present

ebfd2001 +++  / the password is not present

ebfd2001++++ /the password is not present

http://www.tunngle.net/en/downloads/ the program for game on a network  there for us have opened room Emperor battle for dune be registered and come to play too

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Hate the new forum colour and layout far too dark and hard to read.

so got Trundle but how do you get in to the game via it?

so, u wanna say tunngle? u need find emperor battle for dune room in strategy and there will be nobody lol . All people now in hamachi. Page me in msn and i will come play with u in tunngle

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Are you still thinking of bringing back the RA Server? I think a lot more players would play if you brought the server back.

If not, I have some old computers and servers from my office I can use if you could provide me with the instructions and the code to get it up and running.

Let me know,


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What RA did was good, but not impossible to replicate. It turns out these games use IRC to communicate with the servers, so once the ins and outs are deciphered it was quick and easy for him to make the server.

If you dont have any luck with RA, it might be worth doing it yourselves.

Shame at the time he didnt publish his findings at the time.

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afro.gif ive been playing alot of wow lately, tried getting on wow, but the cd i had was broken, dont know any torrents to download it from but would willing to come back and play if sendakon brought is nub FEW skills around =) hey everyone else sorry its been so long dropping in just real life things... kids, work, yeah anyways hope to see yah all soon afro.gif
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harharhar...nunu voodoo cbrick mord....yall were here lately ^^ awesome...

well. i installed emp tonight. yeah, realy. and now that i came to get the xwis tool, i see, that ras server is down????? wtf? i dont want hatatchi games. i `d prefer an open server with a who is online page :)

RA !!!!! give us the code :)

ok. ill try a few skirmish ones to remember the keyboard shortcuts ^^

see you soon on the sand! (hopefuly)


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If someone can give me contact info for RA, I will see if I can get a server set up.

i have his hotmail messenger addy, but havnt seen him there for ages :(

i doubt it will be difficult to set up the hardware somewhere. even i could ask a few ppl. but i dont know anyone who could set it up programing wise. at least not without money :)

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Hey Kalony, nice to see your still alive and kicking.

Hey all you lot. I came back a little while ago to see what was going on and it seems the server been down since april. I think I got that impression as a thread started around that time mentioning hamatchi or something. Either way, I realised it doesnt take more then a few days to get some binaries and email/upload/somehow pass them on if you are going to. RA was always a little hard to get hold of, bless him.

So, I just recently started making another server. Basic one, is the aim, where people can play with whatever serial they want (dont see EA complaining too much). Just a few drawbacks:

1 - I cant program well.

2 - I dont know the server protocol.

Well, cant do much about 1 except grab an example code and start hacking (ANSI C - I wanna learn rolleyes.gif ). With regards to 2 I have worked out most of that so far as logging in and hosting a game goes. I will publish that once I have the full protocol with comments, so should anyone else desire then they can try too,

How far have I got? A single player can connect and host a game, end the host, and logout. Not much good yet but it shows I am on the right path. My biggest challenge is learning C at the same time. C is a beach for string handling if you are used to higher level languages. Its also seriously confusing with no one to explain. Got my head around it all about 4 days ago and BAM! My laptop goes pop. So off it goes to manufacturer for repairs. Its back today and I will start work again in the next few days.

Estimated time to going live? No idea. I will work on this regularly so it shouldnt be too long, but there is a fair bit of logic to put in this damn thing and you do want it to not let just anyone login your nick, right? Dont want people impersonating you?

Of course, its better if RA pops up with the binaries. Lets hope he is saving it as a chrimbo pressie!

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