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  1. I came back from hell hoping to see great players my height but what I find is a list of newcomers it is humiliating to me and I think I need more sleep 100 years to see some return back to God that I can cope after all, how will you guys not intend to play the tournament so why not have anyone on my level hehe let me know when they appear remember, I am the god of war Youko and I'm using google translator, so no one else complains about my english hehe is now serious: I'm doing contests and when you walk through one, I'll be more free to play. for now I'm playing fifa 12, will play Diablo 3 and the second prototype but so goes back to the emperor let me know when the server is standing Like all of you and never thought I'd say this but it was easier with google translator ah, kindjal, my good old friend, do not forget to cut your hair I have not come on msn could pass the test as a lawyer and am starting to work but my focus is public competition for a solid job I hope that within three years at most I have already passed and then I can play again like the old emperor time. but if brennq harkdawg back, back before lol Desfazer edições attentivelly Youko
  2. hi guys. i moved to xwisc. xwis client is it runs nice. but only had i online. come move to xwisc add me in msn mflavio@brturbo.com bye.
  3. i will play too. i backed to hamachi but hamachi sucks.
  4. lol. Good noob list. U said top best players but u only posted all noobs of the game lol. hahahahahahahahahah U forgot the best player, dude. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. Yeah, i m not playing at now, but i will rock u ass and all these guys ass as back i get. I m a god of WAR. i can t lose to no1 of u guys. COME 2 x 1; i will beat u gun; ops, not u gunwounds, i meant guys. hehe but u too weak gun next to me lol.; i will slow u guys speed down; u will felt like a roach running next to me. IMMMMMMMM THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT; No1 match me. i probably i will play today on hamachi. if no1 there, when i coming, i leave. late guys.
  5. COME TO DEATH GUYS. host : 3mp3r0r ( 0 = zero) pass: dune come join me and i will kick any ass. if it full, pme me in my msn, mflavio@brturbo.com and i will leave a spot to someone else play.
  6. there isnt ebfd++++ i m in ebfd2001++++ = full I WANT PLAy i did a host host: 3mp3r0r pass: dune
  7. give me hamachi host and pass and i will join there. i installed game. i wanna kick any ass me vs 5 dont forget, i m a god of war, a elite master. high top level elite 5 stars. dont get ur guard down, or u will get a punched
  8. Yeah, there is a HIgh TOp EliTe BacKing ....... ME ME ME ME ME :P ok guys, u all got a Top highest like even elite 10 stars backing again. Tell me place and host name and pass, i will be there defecting u. Remember, i m a god of war. no1 face me. I WANT RA server..... i got original CD but i lost my serial so i use key-gen. ???
  9. hi noobs. I need kick any ass. Seriusly Emperor is best game for ever. I dont find out a game like Emperor, playable to multiplay with same entreteniment. tell me what room and pass hamachi u guys playing and who there? or, if u guys back to any server??? u guys should page to EA and ask to them re-build this game to be sold and re-make a new server to it. Otherwise, I m the best of here; U guys no chance match me, alllllll noooobs. and I m backing. Remember, i m a God of War; I taught Kratos how to kill. So, surrender me nooooooobsssssss;
  10. who plays, its ME the great Youki-sama , harkdawg, gunwounds, centner, kindjal, miles, roedor, sometimes lastgoyo, sometimes silontee, .... and other new players noob are joining too. But u could forget every1 and scare me dude, i m the greatest top high level elite joining this game. my nick is zenzyr0ex. If u see me, go out cuz u gonna be kicked haha. ::) NOOOOOOOOOOOOB :O Late ladies.
  11. We dont need these noobs playing, kindjal. Shut up. and back to ur spot. lol, We got Harkdawg and Gunwounds playing this game and it is the important to us. Rest is rest. Sender : The master of masters, better than Master yoda, and stronger than Kakashi hatake = ME ::) The Great Youki-sama ;D Congratulations, late ladies. :P
  12. hey mordusxxx baby, "youHU" kiss me man, come , kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss,me " like a virgen " HU; kkk joking hehe where u dude? i missed u man. plz dont go run behind to money. come behind to me. i need u mordusxx. when are we going to date?? ops. date??? kkkk my bad. when are we going to met? met? or meat?? hmmm i prefer still a meat. hehe come lets play silla. i wanna rape ur (*&(*&(& out. and kick ur (*&(*&, . i will show u what is a high top level elite definition high fi ( lol is it TV )??
  13. Hey guys. Thanks leo u remembered from me. i read part of all written, and i m gonna resume: u work to live, and live to work.(nice one these phrase, when u get old, u will use all money u got to survive cuz u got issues in lifes, cuz of stresss. STRESS KILLS PEOPLE. the best trully i haven seen in my life. That is why i dont just keep studying. i play, i watch cartoon, yeah man, i LOVE CARTOON, . Naruto its rox. Naruto shippudden. I watch a lot movie in a week. it does good to life. get off ur mind in this freak world. the people goes sick cuz of money. U need a time to be happy. Look now ur face and see how old u got.?? u look like a old man as u are young. Stress kill and let the people ugly. SMILE SMILE SMILE . lol *A&Y
  14. Srry , chipset not Nvidia lol. Chipset is intel g35 express family ... Intel chipset. The problem may be power supply. my power supply is 200 w real. Now , i will buy a 400 w real. I use a mini atx desktop power supply so i think there isnt up to 400 w real. late guys
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