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Well, I finally have some good news! I have been in touch with RA and he offered to send me the server code. Once he does this I will have to get a box to run the server, and the software to run RA's binaries. 

The big question is, are there enough people still playing to make this effort worth my while?

If you are still playing post below so I can get an idea of how many people still play.

If there are enough players I will try to gather the hardware and software needed to to get our server back up.


In the meantime I would suggest using Hamachi.

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:) :) :)

Hi Voodoo

Personaly i prefer hamachi for me it has better speed and when i c the hamachi sign flicker then i know some1 is online.

Every1 else iam sure will prefer Ra-server it is more player friendly eg whois online  whois centner    etc

Who still plays ,well between gmt 5pm to gmt 8pm is Newlords ,Centner,Sjleo, Mad,Kines.

Other players not in my time zone are Viking ,Elsipues ,Roeder ,miles.

There is also some new players which i cant remember their names.

There is also some elite players that have retired due 2 lack of competition Kindjal ,Moloch , Agamenon in 2010.

Spazelord  ,Kalony retired in 2009.    ;) ;) ;D

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1) In hamachi team game is very lags... game more 2 ppl is lags

2) Xwis server dont use unique cd key.. but xwis haven't  /page /online /lobby etc... and haven't empbot... and u can will see who online if they only in u frieds

3) many elite players is gone cuz RA is crashed... and we lose Emp ... we can try use tunngle (250 max seats and there room EBFD).. but LAN technology is lags...

4) We need RA - is best for playing... if RA not back... we will lose all elite players and EMP will die finally

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I personally prefer RA over hamachi. I've noticed a lot of problems trying to play on hamachi and I think more people would come back to play if RA's server was back, but would you be hosting the server using the same web address that RA used or a new one? Also, what hardware would you need?


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would you be hosting the server using the same web address that RA used or a new one? Also, what hardware would you need?


The web address would be new.

I would need a computer to run the server on. Between Whistler and myself we can come up with the necessary hardware.

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I believe the XWIS servers are the "official" servers now.

The XWIS servers always were the "Official" servers for Emperor and the older Red Alert games. First due to EA's support, then by EA giving them the original Westwood server IP's. 

The reason we all played on RA's server was because the majority of the people who post on this site (read that as the entire Emperor community) can not play on XWIS. This is due to the fact that the Strike Team servers check serial numbers against the old Westwood master list. The vast majority of the Emperor players download the game from one of the many torrents out there and use Keygen serial numbers. RA's server did not check serial numbers.

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Are any of the old timers still around ill probally start playing again.

:) :) :)

Well hope 2 c u soon    ;) ;)

On a daily basis i play NEWLORDS and VIKING  :D :D

We play on hamachi

network is            ebfd2001+

password is          dune

Some other players are KINDJAL86,CENTNER,ELSIPUES  ;D ;D ;D

However this game is otherwise dead    :'( :'( :'(

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