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  1. well I downloaded it and man, forgot how good this game is. Trying to get a few friends to download it so we can play. Can you please with an illegal copy still? Or does that only work via hamachi?
  2. Just download it, does anyone have a serial number I could borrow?
  3. I'm really considering buying this game again to play. I'm in Australia and was wondering what times people play? Any ideas?
  4. HEy fellas, I'm going to reinstall this game again (if i can find the cd lol) and wanted to know if Anyone still plays around 6pm-3pm Australian time? What is this patch 1.9 Anything else that i need to get cracking again? Thanks
  5. can anyone possilby give me a list of the files that are susposed to be installed thanks
  6. okay updated my via drivers tot eh 4 in one deal but still nothin :'( what else is there?? ive done video sound via??? please please please
  7. where do i get the via drivers
  8. i also have a gf4 mx 440 card with the latest video card drivers installed. I even installed the latest 5.1 live sound card drivers as well but still nothin :'( :'( :'( please help as i only get a few hours each week to myself and i hate waasting them fixing my damn computer :'(
  9. [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  10. yeah because nav is known to be a backstabber ::) Nav is know to be a fuckwit :-X Don't be stupid man and try to put me in the same catagory as nav as i am merely pointing out an interesting angle to the game i love so much. 8)
  11. You obviously didn't read it because it is without doubt comprehensively proving the existance of evolution. Your inability to digest information that is contrary to your beliefs only furthers my argument saying that you have well and truly been brainwashed. You say that you have refuted everything within that document in detail ::) ::) You are kidding, all you did was point out a few inconsistancies with scientists opinion so read it again or everyone will see how naive you really are http://books.nap.edu/html/creationism/evidence.html I hate to say it mate but you are exactly the same as the terrorists who ran into to the twin towers, just as brainwashed just brainwashed in a different way) They thought they were going to allah when you die You think you are going to God when you die quite sad really
  12. says logic. Obviously it is impossible for an eternal being to have a beginning. You want everything backed by scientific discovery? Well why dont you start first, then. Please tell me exactly what scientific discovery says that the universe popped into existence via some gargantuan quantuum fluctuation? What sicentific discovery says that an explosion creates anything? Funny how the 'big bang' - an explosion the size of quadrillions of nuclear bombs somehow creates all this. Have you ever heard of dropping a nuclear bomb on a city, blowing it up, then all the pieces falling back together again, re-forming the city? Lol. Thats precisely what your so-called "science" is postulating. But wheres the observation? There is none. No one was there at the Big Bang. No one. Period. Puny little homosapiens roughly 2 meters tall, 90% water, who eat Big Macs and drink Pepsi are going to say what happened billions and billions of years ago? THEY HAVE NO IDEA. Emp you contradict yourself once again. For once you are right but by being right you are destroying your argument. We have no idea on how the first single celled organism was created. Simple man we don't know!!!! Listen once again !!! We don't Know!!! One more time we don't know. We can make educated guesses on how the first single celled organism began but at the moment we have none, We dont know how the world was first created as there is no scientific evidence that proves it either way. We only have educated scientific opinion which can in time prove to be wrong as it is opinion. We cant explain everything as we do not have evidence to explain everything. We can say some things are proven such as evolution as this can be proven to occur from scientific evidence(i am not getting into this argument again with you as it is more than amply proven) Faith is believing in something without evidence. You can quite rightly pick holes in scientific opinion as it is opinion but you cannot pick holes in evidence. i.e We share 98% of genetic code with chimps. To take a quote from the australian acedamy of science "All scientific ideas are theories, imperfect and subject to test. That the theory of evolution is imperfect, and still the subject of study and modification, affirms that the theory is part of science. Many attempts to modify and expand the theory have been successful, showing (since Darwin's day) the gene-basis of inheritance, the basis of gene-reproduction in the double helix structure of DNA, the 'genetic drift' basis of the origin of breeds, and so on. Many challenges to the fundamentals of the theory have failed empirical test. The theory has attracted enormous empirical testing and remains one of the most powerful of scientific ideas. or emprworm i imply you to read this please. If you can read this and still believe in creationism then you are the definition of blind faith http://books.nap.edu/html/creationism/evidence.html The point is that despite all the evidence to the contrary you still believe in your religion which unfortantly means you are brain washed. You have a very difficult task ahead of you and i hope that you can open you mind up as it will be very rewarding if you can. Good luck and i hope that i get to play you in emperor some time soon. Unfortuantly these threads have been taking away from my emperor time and my company is taking off like a wildfire and dont have the time to devote to these threads anymore but good luck with your lifes endeavours and please continue to prolong emperor's life for as long as you can :'(
  13. Ken nav is a knob dood. AS elite said it makes the game interesting!!!! It is boring just killing someones base. I was trying to point out another dimension to the game which i believe makes it better. I fight with my teammate until we have clearly killed one and then to keep the game interesting for my teammate and myself i declare war upon them... why Becuase it is fun for the both of us.. as i said who cares whether you win or lose as long as you have fun doing it. The fun part is trying to win. try it man its fun killing 3 bases in one game 8)
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