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  1. Ahah. I might want to join, however, not for the money. I'd just want to join a tourney, but i think i'll wait until the next one. i need to get my skills up! Ima rawarlie, rawlie, masco, coolguy1: dunno if any of you even remember this kid xD
  2. msn - warlordlogan@hotmail.com Nick - masco or rawarlie (whatever i feel like that day) xfire - i forgot it... lol
  3. Hi this is masco/rawarlie. yeah, i'll be on, and i bet 100% darkness will be too xD
  4. i would forver praise anyone that can put up another ra server, which i believe voodoo has softwear for, right?
  5. So is server coming back soon, as better as ever i presume? Who still plays?
  6. We all love it. Except maybe youko ::)
  7. huh...i thought i was the only child that watched (or played). But when i hear this stuff i just laugh. If someone says something very bad (ex.i want to !@#$ your !@#$ and make a !@#$% trycycle ride with my son) then you should tell them to stop or they will be kicked out of the game until next match or something like that.
  8. i dont think dropping your own harveys on a battle field is wrong, but taking the oppoment's harveys is wrong. You can not put a billion (rough estimate) elite sardukar next to ur spice, ur refinary, and the pathway between there.
  9. umm...i have a question, why do you have to be red? Pink is the new black ;D
  10. By the way...this is my first post ;D
  11. For me (i have vista and it SUCKS) the numbers do reset when I click "set" but I just close it after. Then it works...but i think you have to change the 'hosts' file.
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