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  1. hi people if someone is gonna host a server , i suggest trying PvPGN , i guess it is the soultion , it supports emperor , and can run tournaments too , and has ladder and everything , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PvPGN http://pvpgn.berlios.de/ hope this would be the solution
  2. ok guys , i'll try to make that addition soon , once i get free time :D , exams now :S i fixed the setup issue , it was caused by using win xp sp1 , sp2 so i think now it's working i tested it on sp1 plz try to play in teams as much as possible , i wanna make sure that the old bug disappeared ;)
  3. hi guys , really sorry , i'm counting on email notify thing , to keep me updated of replies , so didnt get any emails ! so plz from now and on , report problems & bugs to my email xchetah@yahoo.com atomicar : yes it can be done , once i release the stable version , thx for suggesting that:D Dunenewt : u r right some systems shows that problem , i'm gonna try to fix it soon , so i'll modify the post once i had fixed it , keep checking ;) , and yes it's working so far ;) and being used check the site :D
  4. i tried to make reporting here , Voodoo Daddy gave the reporting link but it's useless without it's parameters , i asked for them and he didn't reply, so i think it will be only on my site till i get more info :D
  5. you are welcome man , but to be honest i didnt do anything special about the "start emperor" button , so it's just your luck that this method fixed the problem :D , but i think i know wt's happening , u r running ladder under admin. , and ladder opens game under admin too i guess and games work correctly , so i think the fix is just to run emperor under admin. as u run ladder :D anyway there still the team thing to be tested , so plz everyone try to test it by the way i will not keep the results during beta testing so dont worry guys test as much as possible even with retreat , coz all records will be deleted once the stable version is released , and any improvements /suggestions are very welcomed :)
  6. well after few games recorded it seems that there's a bug , game duration , i will try to fix that soon since it's not critical
  7. thx , well more than 30 views for this topic and only 4 people downloaded the program :S
  8. hey all finally i finished the beta here's the site http://emperordune.co.cc/ u can download it there and u can check statistics there too:D so just launch the program then click "start emperor" after finishing the game , (when result window comes) press alt + tab to see the program coz it will list the results too so plz check if they are correct , red means lost , green won , bold font user means host :DDD after that check the website to see if results are recorded correctly in the program window , single player is considered a separate team , but on server he will not be recognized as team , his result will be recorded as player finally plz report any bug , error u see here or on my email, and always check for new version :D thanks well after few bugs it seems that i will change the system in the next release and maybe players will be required to create an account all players must run the software in order to record that game coz something strange happened , 2 teams 2v2 and result was that 2 games lost and game recorded as the winner lost and loser won , only coz alphabetically order the lost team came first ok now released the 0.2 download it from same website fixes: -game duration -will report technical data when the serious error occurs (all teams lost bug) so after a while i'll fix this problem and release the stable version , so guys help by playing in teams as much as possible
  9. NAME: emperor_battle_for_dune Pass: dune
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