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  1. Thanks pearl for good words. Classic Historical Scene: new and have potential player came in ebfd. New and have capability player think he-she is the best player all time and maybe in human history. began betsssss. come come come. play game, play game, play game. Anyway... i played the game for 8-9 years. i played everyday for 5 years. everyday, everyday, everyday. Finally i am a player. i played a lots of game. defeat or victory. lots of gamesssssssssssssssssss. i lost game. then i said: 'Good Game', 'You was played good.' , 'etc.' they lost to me. then they said: 'i made mistake.' , 'you wa
  2. i miss ebfd and all players. i hope i will come back...
  3. Thanks sjleo for information...
  4. İ will be back in 2-3 months. İ like the game. İt is still the best game for me. Thanks for creatorsss...
  5. Old players have to give up to scold new players. Than we would have a chance. So still we have. I want to teach and explain the game to new players. But my english isnt enough to do make it. And ebfd have indefinetily probability. So when you told to anyone, you learn new options, new ideas. Ebfd is an equal game. When anyone play a match if to hide your knowledge than anyone have not knowledge, it is dishonour... its heavy? Maybe... But its true...
  6. welcome sir...its honour that be together !!
  7. Insan nereden baslayacagini bilemiyor...bu oyunla tanismamiz, bu oyunu sevmemiz ve bagimlisi olmamiz o kadar kolay oldu ki... daha onceden demistim bir yerlerde yaklasik olarak 2001-2002 yillarinda tanismistik biz bu oyunla. 2003 yilindan sonrada asagi yukari her gun online olarak bu oyunu oynadik. Abartmadan soylenirse bes yildir her gun oynadik bu oyunu. Ama gelin gorun ki forumlara baktigimizda adimizdan sanimizdan neredeyse hic bahsedilmeyecek. Tek kelimeyle yaziklar olsun... insanlari asagilamadan, uzmeden keyifli oyunlar cikarmak icin elimizden geleni yaptik. Bazen yenildik sinirlendik b
  8. Emperor: Battle For Dune excepted mordusxxx it worth nothing... >:(
  9. i am not sure that kalem will join ... work work work... but i can play sunday late hours or monday early hours... surely i want in...
  10. i works... but if pearlmans will join the tournament than i will try join the tournament. pearlmans is my favourite player... pearl will won or not, he is my champion... an nyeong pearl... respect to the best polite... respect to pearl....
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