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new twist on old topic(harv dropping)

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We all know the general thought that harv dropping is a low down cheap way to win. But my question is this...Is it harv dropping to use the harvs that are just mulling around after you have had several refs bombed? Or is it a case of making lemonade out of the lemons you have been given? Looking forward to hearing some points of view on this subject.

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I had a game where me bombed so that I did not see the light sky over a head)) but nevertheless I have managed to win because continued to build refs on both bases and had more armies, than at the opponent... But, when bomb your base and you have bad bo and not enough army to win, then you use harvs drop. And not simply one-two harvs... And in the impudent you put a some harvs on base of the opponent, you put under its guns and an army.

It is a personal choice of everyone, to use it or not.

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You reap what you sow in my opinion.

If you choose to target my refineries and destroy say 3 releasing 9 harvesters that now swamp my remaining refineries, chances are I am going too use them to best effect probably designate 1 extra to 2 remaining refineries and maybe 1 for the new refinery I build but I will then use the others to help fend off any land attack or support my counter attack OR I may just drop them in your base to block up your refineries pads and cause an interruption in your attacks or spice flow.

I personally see it a valid tactic and a good use of my equipment, others will no doubt see it as an exploit of the system but to me it's as valid as many other exploits such as taking advantage of the Minotaur herd targeting system or sonic tank wave....

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ABOUT 3 years ago i achieved my first victory over VIKING [DAV333].

I was ordos he was hark.

I sent 8 teams of about 30 units each 2 attack his base, thats +- 250 units.

I had sards, snipers ,gas ,dust and 5 lazers.

His gunshits was bombarding my base and my few AA werent holding out well,i lost all my refs.

I attacked his base and lost all my units.

I destoyed his ground force and all his harvs.

NOW the problem was he will get free harvs for his refs.I had no refs no money.

I was broke and just about 2 quit.

So for fun i sold every building i had .The following is just estimates.

NOW i only had 1 team of 30 units which compromised of 2 lazers ,6sards, 6snipers ,4 dusts ,20gas.

VIKINGS base was well defended.He had like 8 flame turrets 2 gunturrets and a few units 2 defend.

I landed all my harvs about 12 on top of  his turrets then with my ground force attacked, his base was east on fisher plain the one with 1 big entrance, mine was opposite with 2 entrances.

My strategy was 2 reach the back of his base quickly ,2 avoid his turrets at the entrance.

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So the story continues.

VIKING had his units next 2 his turrets, basic units like infantry and buzz.

His own turrets (flame) killed like half his army ( he had like 5 buzz 15 infantry).

His turrets and army was shooting my (useless) harvs.

I quickly reached the back of VIKINGS base but half my army was gone.

I started taking out buildings like baracks ,landing pads,sard barracks, heavyfac,windtrap.

VIKING tried 2 shoot down my lazers, with his gunshits.

My gas was pretty effective taking down his buildings.

I had 2 lazers but lost 1 to his gunshits.My other lazer dodged his gunshits bombs.

The game was basically over.

VIKING only had gunshits but no landing pad,no base acually ,only turrets but he had no windtrap so his gunturrets werent working.

So VIKING only had like 8 flame turrets which of course is no match for my 1lazer 1dust both elite.

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::) i dun remember centner writting in english that well or im wrong o.O thought he didnt knew english...

Ia tebia lublu by the way cent xD

harv drops are cheap but it seems that everybody uses em... cheap or not, the player who uses em knows.

Its part of the game... u cant do nothing about it.. i know players who uses harv drops like if they were "harvesting near ur army"...

If ur facing a harv drop just fall back and wait or simply destroy his harveys... harv drop isnt the best thing to do sometimes cuz u might be facing a drop of resources....

And by the way we all wanna take down some harvs ... there is ur opportunity to do so. Me personally ill be happy if they harv drop on me in a battle... just make sure u got the rite stuff to blow up harvs faster...

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I've always thought of 'harv dropping' as a valid choice, particularly when the refinery first BO is used

and someone rushes hard and fast  (no pun intended there)..

There's little time for canceling or turrets if its quick enough, leaving your only line of defence to your only unit, your harv :) err no u wouldn't undeploy your mcv for that??

If the Ai wasn't so confused with the reassigning of harvs to carryalls and refs, maybe they'd be used less for offence when you've been all-in-air-raided..

But then again nah harvs are good :P

I even use them in C&C defensively, gdi's has a gun, nods is stealthed(hehe fun to squish with) and scrins self heals on tiberium (but cannot crush)  oh yea  they help! use them!

I remember a game i had with alchemi i think? i had the centre top rock he had top right,we were both at that choke point we all know about(right?) in a big stand-off, noticing he had no effective counter for artillery

like inks or adps,I decided to use mortar on the high ridge that extends to the choke...

after i setup about 15 mortar or so, i thought yep!  this is gonna hurt, or make him back off, next thing i know this harv gets picked up and dropped on my mortar cleaning them all up in seconds, oh my!! U DOG!! OMFG!!

My bad eh? next time there was a adv carryall and a deviator waiting for that S**T, but by then he had inks....

Seriously, how many times have they saved your base or traded time for health?

I only wish the squish sounds were as good as D2K's, they'd be my primary weapon of choice }:D

Mmh crisp!

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scenario 1 :no refs, ok then i use harvs on attack.So my answer to question is YES.

scenario 2 : u rush atr with gas & dust, u take out conyard almost heavy but his controlled harv runs over ur 4 remaining gas.So this elite player saves his base & later beats me.

scenario 3 : he scouts ur base early on with harv,(kaleem likes to do this).

scenario 4 : Its army vs army, oh WTF he has a harv here, FFS but there aint no spice here.


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  • 3 months later...

if in my case that most hapeen in game like when i trying to rush and they trying to stop me for use harvester drop. but

obviously most my expierence was that if i had some reason to retreat my units at my base,i losted all game. because my

havster getting intrupt by thier unit and while my money going to be ran down..as shit.

so i give u 2 point about how i got disposal when i having sitution.

1st able don't make battle between ur army and enmery harvester. 2st use ur sardukar and kill it. 3st just ignored it. as

long as when u wating for you will might be chance to defect player.

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No, seriously, what the heck is this "harvester drop" you're all talking about?

Harvester drop is a dirty tactic but effective.The job of a harvester is harvesting.So that means if a harvestor is taken off the spice field deliberately and placed in the middle of 2 attacking opposing armies then that is harv dropping.This tactic is most effective in early game when only trikes and light infantry have been produced,these units have bullets which do little damage 2 a harvestor.

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Oh, you just mean, use the heavily armoured harvesters to draw enemy fire?

Yes , ;D ;D ;D this tactic reminds me of worldwar2 when the japanese used kamakaze planes to fly into american ships ,the russians used small tanks to crash into the big german tanks

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I never liked the idea of harv dropping destroyed refs or not. To my own dismay sometimes you must do everything you can to win; if it's in the game its fair whether I hate it or not lol.

Although it is weird since there is sort of a emp normalitly that it's looked down on as is engi drops or using guild. It would be interesting to see how gameplay is affected if these norms were ixnayed.(pun intended)  :)

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i dont think dropping your own harveys on a battle field is wrong, but taking the oppoment's harveys is wrong.  You can not put a billion (rough estimate) elite sardukar next to ur spice, ur refinary, and the pathway between there.

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bottom line  in this is :

the harvester is not a fighting unit . u dont send a medic soldier  to do  special operation soldier job

the harvester have one job which is making spice .

if you have enough balls to be a good player . and to make ure armed forces do to dirty work for you

then you are the man of victory . that is the way of the desert as we know it .

if you cant build any army that can win and want to berry ure head in the sand and get spanked on the butt

like an Ostrich , so there no other more humiliating way to die . cause u will get killed anyway playing like this .

if emp harvester  had even one small turret or gun on top of it that would justifies its use in combat .

but it dosnt . its an unarmed  non combat unit .

about the lemonade thing . well the makers of this game gave the harvester its massive armor  for a reason

because while its working its doing the player a vital job so its not fair for it to get blasted

in a couple of shots .

if ure harvesters are under attack and u hide behind them to defend  them while they are working

then that is not harvester drop . its a fair self defense   and the attacker have the choice

to attack far from the spice mines .

if you tried to steal the enemy harvester then u are a thief hehe .  but war is a dirty work

and somebody has to do it . i ask the player who lost his harvester  this :

why u are blaming the enemy while u have the military ability to defend ure harvesters ?

long time desertstyle  whats up man ? u have  always been a player of quality .

good luck for all . spicy

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Most people dont like to get harvies drop. Really I hate the tatics.

absolutely You will lose the game if you doesnt notice the opponent trying the tatics.

It is like a engineer drop or stealing harvester with advansed carryalls.

But They are acceptable tatics, most of us have done it right? ( include myself)

I just can stand the two senarios.

1. When an opponent rush so early ( like bar-fac or fac-bar ) and I just have a few infs and no vehicles.

2. If an enemy bombed most of my refs, and i dont need to find my huge harviester just let them be. :-)

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