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easiest/hardest boss battle?


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easiest and hardest boss battles you have encountered? except for those first battles in the early stages of the game where they are really easy.


Vladimir Lem (max payne 2)

Makaan (Homeworld 2,)

hardest, err,

Prince Cort (a^^hole from legend of legaia)

Sword and Axe Brothers (Prince of Persia two thrones)

for you??

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Balkoth in Lords of Magic. He would normally be flying around with a stacked army. If he attacked you before you were ready you would lose. So I always ran away when I saw him. He'd take over my cities.

I would send large armies to kill him and in autocalc battle he would win every time, defeating dozens of my soldiers, and even killing legendary creatures!

The trick is to go into battle and fight him, he always tries to escape so you have to race him to the retreat flags and let him try to get past your army. Then he'd use soul killer type spell which instantly kills your dudes.

But once he is defeated, you can become Death race and use him. He is awesome to play as and almost undefeatable (at early levels send him against hard enemies and have him flying over water where enemy cant get to you and have him cast spells and throw axes at them, easy way to stack his experience).

And now I'm off to install/play LoM. Damn you Sylar!

I also hated mike tyson in the nes game. But NES games all had hard bosses.

Reminds me that Iron Tank for NES was an awesome game. difficult to get from beginning to end without dieing too many times or having the nes bluecreen.

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Easiest: Gi Nattak from Final Fantasy VII.  You fight him as you're exploring the caverns below / around Cosmo Canyon.  Big Native-American-Indian-looking guy, with some pretty nasty attacks.  Of course, since he's undead, all you do is throw a Phoenix Down or X-Potion at him and he instantly dies.  Pretty much the easiest boss ever.

Hardest: Probably the first time I faced the Scorpion/Spider Hybrid boss in the original Devil May Cry.  First boss of the game and I got my ass handed to me so many times.  Of course, once you figured out the trick, he was easier... but still tricky.  Not to mention his return a scant minute or so later, barrelling down a corridor after you.

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easiest: well... level 50 MOLOCH in hellgate: london if you fight him alone with a crit-build marksman. down in 4-5 seconds  ;D

hardest: try farcry (1) on "realistic mode" and fight the last bossfight. it's more like a boss level. ugly shit  :O

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The first time I fought SHODAN I died within 10 seconds as I had no idea where I was or what was killing me. After that I was easily able to defeat her.

SHODAN firing bombs at you, and her avatar shooting some electrical discharge at you. All the while the floors in certain spots would shock you. And it was a very small room. And try not to fall off the edge into blackness.

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The easiest boss I have ever had the pleasure of dispatching would have to be Ganon from "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past". I found it to be quite entertaining!

The hardest boss I think, for me anyways, was Bongo-Bongo from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He was SO darn hard to get my arrows into, let along the longshot!! FINALLY, after several tries, I defeated him! (Was a tough battle for me, but it WAS the most fun...So far!)

(I've played again and again several times since that first time, and can take him easily enough now... But still, he was tough!)


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Easiest? Erm... Not sure. I don't tend to remember easy things. Or anything much. Lets say the end boss of Tomb Raider 1; the first version, not Anniversary. That was a real pushover.

Hardest? Boaz.

In Tomb Raider 6 you aren't just fighting the boss, you're fighting the controls as well. They handle abysmally, not only in movement but in firing as well. I confess, I downloaded a save game where she was already defeated. The boss probably isn't that hard, but the clumsy movement and wretched auto-locking onto the wrong target made it too damned annoying to bother with.

After a day or so of trying...

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This is the first post here in a LONG time but..

Easiest: Any boss that just takes a systematic approach.

Hardest: I'd say one of the hardest bosses I can remember was learning and stratting against C'Thun in AQ40 (WoW). There are others up there though.

Most annoying award: Any boss with any kind of "random" attribute.

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Easiest: was Heinrich in Return to Castle Wallenstein. My brother and I used the guy as the stress reliever with attempts to kill as ridiculous as stabbing and kicking him to death.

Hardest: Blue Keeper in the last mission of the Dungeon Keeper. Requires 5 top level characters and some trickery to defeat.

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I think it was Mame, but I might've downloaded a different emulator, unfortunately there are tons of different mames (a large amount of which suck), and my brother's friend had this CD with tons of arcade games as well as the (good) Mame emulator.

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Guest MagicOPromotion

i think facing Zeus on God of War II on Titan Mode... or the boss from Street Fighter III that guy hits too damn hard. hes shooting up steroids inbetween rounds, wtf. I died 5 times on the easiest difficulty and had to turn the game off.

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i think facing Zeus on God of War II on Titan Mode...

I think the most annoying thing about this fight is the button combination/pressing the button at the right time which is a lot more exhausting than with any other boss battle. But I really hate the Zeus battle because it's just somehow lame. I really like the first and third fight against the sisters of faith in the atrium. That's probably because I love midair combat  ;D The way to the fat sister is also a lot of hard work but after the first 3 sister-fights everything always feels kinda lame to me.

Other hard boss battles: most bosses of the Ninja Gaiden series really know how to annoy you  >:(

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