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Looking for a real match 3 vs 3


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Yesterday has a lot of people online like alchemi said.

I remember like 14 people ,

me quatra alchemi xcept xpower elsipues miles lucas15 emper33 viking(dav) owwll ,sd00711, etc.

Agh , i lost to sd00711 easier.

he took me out like in a 3 minutes i think

what a player he is ,

he is a incredible player using harkonnen

i was amazing , but i coulnt think in anything out vs him cuz i was so much tired,

but i did my best and i lost.

zzzzzzzzzzz. what? am i saying it?

Ya i lost vs sd00711.

And he said he was rusty,

hehe he coulnt be so rusty or am i a noobest????

zzzz guys dont answer. :P

Sd00711, u did excellent dude, i liked to have lost to someone , i hadnt lost in ages lol

i was looking someone could own me lol

i found it .

Ah , spaze, i havent mentioned u again, lol , only now hehe , but ok, dude, plz dont get me wrong .

Plz , guys, Come back play , i need find someone really strong , i dont like always win ,

it boring me.

Where the legendary players , like drnkmsta , gunwounds, jeff, mordusxxx, apollyon .they come to forum and chat but dont play anymore so , i m agreeing with newlords, there are many players in forum and few in game.

ASS: Youko , sand of king

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Ya , lucas,

Me and spaze plays much more than jeff and mordusxxxx.

Since i take it serius , they wont have any chance vs us.

My atreids improved so much so i wont lose to them using 1 of the 3 houses.

nice , lucas and eidolon, u have told the thurtly.

ASS: youko , sand of king

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I'm not here to defend youko on this one but if people want some life back into emp then even a 2 vs 2 should take place even if it means gettin ur ass on fire. Jeff it seems to me you are actually running away from this as I'm sure mordman is up to it. And spazeman, if youko is your ally and you both win then..well...you both win but if you both lose then it's not cause of you but youko perhaps so yea IMO let it happen 8)!

Spaz, are you still playing much Emp? If so i'll re-install it again.

Scar what happened to being XCU? If you'd like I'll hand in ur resignation for you. ??? :'(

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lol , i m not able to lose to them,

i can handle them alone in ground

i dont need partner help to stop these noobs in ground,

spaze just would rock their base as i would fight

come n00bs , dont run away like madenod said

or accept i m better than u guys lol :P

Ah , i liked sarlour came back playing again.

he is a great player , better than jeffn00b and mordsuxxxxxx

ASS: youko , the sand king

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hi guys , i m very happy cuz mordusxxx is back.

i wanna say i did 1 vs 1 vs him


i lost forth vs him.

what a incredible player

he is not rusty

he plays like always played

i coulnt beat him alone

not in a 1 vs 1

mordusxxxx rapped me out.

what a .....

i played with atreids and mordusxxx used ords and harkonnen , vs me , but i wasnt able to stand him off.

Spaze would say : " youko , dont use atreids , u sucks, "

but i though i improved so much in that.

i dont know if i would win him using another house.

but in 2 v 2 , me and frontier won mordusxx and owwll once ,and we was beaten once too.

K guys , i m reporting u , what a incredible player, fantastic player mordusxxxx is.

its amazing his skill level.

i coulnt own him for myself.

someone help me plz ...

give any advise how could i kick mordusxxx butts.

ASS: youko, prince of sand ( cuz mordusxxx is king now lol ) :P

i wanna see quatra and spazelord play vs mordusxxx, it would be freak.

see u guys around .

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Ya , i figured out how to own mordusxx , uhauhaua,.

i did a 1 vs 1 vs him and he coulnt stop my army lol.

but i refused and i quit.

sarlour asked me why dindt i over with him , seen he was watching  it .

i said .......... , i dont need prove to mordusxxx i can beat him. lol  :P

i used atr and he used ords.

Mordssss u are skillest than me but i still can own u , i just dont need prove it , except in 2 v 2.

i m crazy for a 2 v 2 , where is spaze , what the .,... is he doing?

sarlour learnt what is a atr master . he said i could have onwed mordusxxxx and i knew i could lol but i did not wanna .

ASS: youko , master of the masters.

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Uhuahuahm , i onwed mordusxxx again , so it was twice.

first , i used atr and he used ords , and he coulnt stop me , sarlour watched .

Second , i used atr and he used harkonnen , and he coulnt stop me , and mjn4 watched lol.

what a incredible player i am.

Quatra thinks jeffn00b is better than me and spazelord , but jeff dont beat spaze and not match to me so.

Jeff is a noob yagmon, coulnt own his hamster in a game play,

his hamster is smater than him,

I m better than jeff , thousand times ,

jeff is a noob

i m crazy to whoop him like i did vs mordusxxx , when i play serius , i just use my worst house to own him ,

he wont stand 10 minutes vs me,


i m not joking

i have improved so much ,

i have onwed every elites in that game

and it will not be different to jeffn00b


Ass: youko , hidden mist assassination player or anything like it. lol :P

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First of all youko shut up.... you beat me twice, once when my engi rush didnt work, and once when i tried dev dropping you early, its not hard to see that when someone is doing something, and rush all out, secondly what happens when i actually play you? whats the score? 155420 matches played and you've won twice? thats awesome lol also, spaze yeah good games i was just fucking with you anyways, the first game was pretty good, second game, i had forty sards sitting in my base because i forgot to put my waypoint to my army, ohwell shit happens. im in texas now looking for a job wish me luck fools the king is gone for now... 8)

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ok guys.. i like that... good atmosphere  again in emp.. the big guns are angry and roaring..

these drums has reached my ears and i will join this battle .. i just hope ure not so late

for Europe time  .. i also must sleep ...

and best luck to mord with his new life always keep moving my good man. its good for you.

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uhauhauha , mordusxxx excuses are nice, but he lied about numbers,

i got who watched me owning him and he?

i dont talk for myself , i just got mjn4 and sarlour talk for me.


mordusxx, u didnt beat me thousand times

u won only 4 games and i wasnt playing serius , i just did play serius to teach a stuff to sarlour and mjn , and i did it greater , uhauhauaha :P

Jeff, i wil always mention ur name always people consider u a elite player cuz u are weak , man, weak ,

let me show u how weak u are! ;D

i have showed mordusxxx and now , i wanna show u too.

Ass: youko ,the sand king; best tech , hidden mist assassination player.lol :O

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You won only 4 games and I wasn't playing serious

Ass: youko ,the sand king; best tech , hidden mist assassination player.lol :O

Explains all my losses ever, i wasn't being serious or i was tired or drunk or any combination of them.

So please bear this in mind whenever you WIN me, it's not you talent or skill, just my lapse in serious intent.  :O ::) ;)

Of course if i win it's coz I'm the Emperor of the sands.  ;D

Jack-Ass: Youko ,the sand king; best tech , hidden mist assassination player.lol :O

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