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  1. Hey, i've installed tunngle and hope to see u guys on! :)
  2. Hey, im back to game! im installing tungle and i hope to see u all on, but how can i be in contact with u guys? the time zone here in Brazil is very different compared to u guys
  3. Hello guys, my name is Lucas, im from Brazil and i used to play emp back in 08,09's.. i do remember some names like spazelord, youkolord, newlords, breenq, kindjal86 ( good guy this one ), cnjp ( or some like that, from turkey i guess ) gunwounds, skumom3n, warskum.. anyway... i never was as good as u guys, but i love this game and im finally graduating now and i have some time to play.. i would like to know if u guys still playing and wich server is on... My english still sucks, but i managed to pass the massage hahaha ohhh , there's one more thing, my windows is Windows 7 and i noticed some problems whyle playing like use "D" to deploy my constructor, or "E" to select the baseoptions ( is that correct? rs) .. this problems do not happen when i use XP... Thanks , and i hope to meet u guys online my facebook is Lucas Jeremias Vido, just in case... CYA !!!
  4. hello guys i have some players in my messenger, but i dont know who they are here... now im going back to emp, but i know that are a new server.. HAMACHI? How can i get it!? i remember HAMACHI when i played like a Lan Game with yuoko... is something like that!? Could u guys help me to get the HAMACHI? is it difficult!? thanx see you guys ON.. AND PLAYING! =D
  5. Hey Kindjal, my girlfriend... :D
  6. Mordusxxx and Jeff plays so much Buuuuuutttttttt, Spaze and Youko are better than mords and jeff bye :)
  7. Good Idea.... clan battles are really amazings..... Bye !
  8. my msn is... vidosman@hotmail.com my nick name on msn is Lucas and in Dune is lucas15 !
  9. IM from Brasil i always On line, but i can see anyone On...
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