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The official bring jeff back to emp thread


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I mean you post on this board enough, so you obviously still have an interest in the game.

I always keep an eye on these boards and Ra's online page to see whats goin on with emp.  I noticed a bunch of guys came back... senda, trax, mord, yuks, pearl, deth, and ros... plus more i can't recall.  Seeing u guys again made me wanna play a few games

So here it is folks.  The Official Bring Jeff back to Emp Thread.  Sound off if you think Jeff should play.  Mebe if we show him enuff love he'll grace us with his presence.  ;)  Show your support and sign below.

While I'm at it, if any of u other crusty fucks are reading this, bring ur ho asses back to emp too.  Just show up every now and then.  Do it for the love of the game.

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Jeff is suffereing from conquistador syndrome.  As have I from time to time.  You just get bored when you have explored all infinite possibilities of emperor and have owned others so harshly that even winning or playing brings no more joy.

Either that or he cant find his disks. 


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