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  1. ^_^ you noobs come play Company of Heroes or Team Fortress 2 with me. I miss you scoundrels. Emp is great but without a leaderboard and clan support... Sobs... I used to love her. Well at least I expect to see you guys in Star Craft 2.
  2. No emp players playing this game? It's not nearly as good as our beloved emp. No other rts semms to be able to match the fast paced, heart pounding action that emp provides, but i just picked it up and I love it. Best rts since emp I think, and Relic seems to be supporting the game well. The 1 vs 1 ladder is pretty active and clan support is soon to come. Hit me up if u playing. I'm usually on as streetsweeper, pparganssekki, and of course sardcore. If you wanna, ummmmmmmm, test it out before you buy it, you can play lan games on hamachi if you borrow your buddy's copy.
  3. worm you dog drop me a email: incorrigibleson@hotmail.com banned? now i haven't read the thread that lead to worm's banning, nor have i done any other research whatsoever regarding this incident, but it seems to me that worm uses the term "muslim animals," to refer only to the muslims involved in terrorist activities. Any person who denies another
  4. Ford are you still around? Are the 8) watching over your shoulder? May we speak? This is a unique opportunity to get some insight from a country that has isolated herself for so many years. I have so many questions... ... but to stay on topic, I'm not so proud of my current homelend for various reasons. I love south korea for the food, women, and my extensive family there. My hometown of Gangneung is especially beautiful. Not far from the mountains and close to many the beaches. and hey, after growning up the only korean kid in my neighborhood, there's a certain sense of belonging I get from being surrounded by my bretheren (even if they now see me as a foreigner... yangnom to some ;)).
  5. o well... i tried... how bout you sarb? where u at?
  6. it that it fool? senda has extra disks... send him some fetti and im sure he'll mail u a copy. duh u even know where to get new ones u fag... u got no excuse now
  7. they make Madden, and now they have an exlusive NFL liscence. So if I don't buy Madden, I have no football game this year. Seems to me games developed by other companies and merely produced by EA work ok. Developed and produced by EA... save your money.
  8. ahhahhahaha.... hahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahha... chuck norris shouldn't have to toot chuck norris' own horn, others do it for him. Do I have to remind you of the Ten Norris Commandments? #7 Beware of false Norris'. #8 Beware of prophets bearing false Norris. #9 thou shalt not have any Norris' before me. ;D
  9. The emp players know full well EA's shady practices, but this is insane. To release a game they know is broken, and then to do absolutly nothing about it is inexcusable. Take for example the recently released Hitman: Blood Money, by Eidos. There have been Eidos techs responding to technical issues on the official Eidos forum since the day the game came out. They had their 1st patch within the 1st week, and the next patch came only a few weeks later. This is the 1st year EA sports has an exclusive deal with the NFL. There will be NO licensed football game to compete with EA for several years. Already they are getting sloppy. This seems par for the course for EA, as the quality of their products has been slipping for many years now since they became THE video game company. Please excuse me for the triple post. This is not meant to bash EA, as we have all enjoyed EA products. However I encourage all of you to make sure any game with the EA stamp works properly before purchasing it.
  10. ... so I continue to play, using the workaround... 'till I notice... THE ROOKIES AND YOUNG PLAYERS ON CPU CONTROLLED TEAMS NEVER IMPROVE!!! The same bug that was in the franchise mode of Madden 2006. Obviously this bug is an absolute game breaker for a sports management simulation game. Also, since Head Coach uses the same broken player progression model as Madden 2006, which has been out for nearly a year, whose player progession bug has been well documented, THEY KNOWINGLY PUT A BROKEN GAME ON THE MARKET. These bugs have been verified and reported to EA games. THET HAVE YET TO RELEASE A PATCH OR EVEN ADMITTED THAT THESE BUGS EXIST TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Several individuals have contacted EA games directly, and have gotten full refunds as EA has acknowledged these bugs privately. But to date they have not released an official public report. Not a single EA employee has posted a response on the OFFICIAL EA Head Coach Technical support forums. A patch does not seem likely.
  11. So I love football, american football for the rest of the world. I've been buying Madden every year since the Sega Genesis days for every console I've owned. This year EA Sports released NFL HEAD COACH 2007, a coaching/franchise management sim, much like the soccer sims so popular in the rest of the world. Fuckin fantastic says I. This is the Football game I've been waiting for all my life! I buy it the day it comes out, play it for 3-4 days loving every minute of it... 'till bam... FATAL BUG!!! EVERY GAME SIMULATED AFTER WEEK 2 of the season has a 0-0 score. If you try to actually play through week 3, everything loads as normal, but when you actually go to start your week 3 game, the game starts with TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TEAMS. For example, I'm controlling the San Francisco 49'ers. My Week 3 game was vs. Seattle. When I start my week 3 game... the game starts and wtf#@!#$!@#$ It's the Patriots vs. the Jets? And I'm controlling the JETS? But i'm not really controlling the Jets coz at this point the game simply stops responding to all input, and ur stuck on the screen where u need to tell ur player to pick heads or tails. Which is not that bad considering this is NOT EVEN MY TEAM. Thankfully, some resourseful individual figures out what's causing the bug, and figures out a workaround for it... so I'm pissed, but as long as I can play that's fine...
  12. did anyone ever figure how to get the PC version of dune 2 to work on modern machines? I know I saw a thread on it somewhere on this site some years ago. Or you can just play the updated online version, Emperor: Battle for Dune. Made by the same Westwood Studios a few years back (so you know it's awesome). Check out the Emp boards. They're always looking for new talent oever there.
  13. I mean you post on this board enough, so you obviously still have an interest in the game. I always keep an eye on these boards and Ra's online page to see whats goin on with emp. I noticed a bunch of guys came back... senda, trax, mord, yuks, pearl, deth, and ros... plus more i can't recall. Seeing u guys again made me wanna play a few games So here it is folks. The Official Bring Jeff back to Emp Thread. Sound off if you think Jeff should play. Mebe if we show him enuff love he'll grace us with his presence. ;) Show your support and sign below. While I'm at it, if any of u other crusty fucks are reading this, bring ur ho asses back to emp too. Just show up every now and then. Do it for the love of the game.
  14. fine, I was gonna say jeff you suck, but >:(, you don't suck either. take that. now, I gotta find me some barbeque ribs... mmmmmm.... ribs.... slobbers...
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