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my wierd premonition


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One thing that i kno i wanted to do with all my heart was to join the coast gaurd right.. buti  started having these wierd dreams were i was in a desrt place right, in full army uniform in a iraqi/pakistani type village . On my uniform was the rank of seargent(remember this cuz this ties in later). and as i was directing my squad in what to do and give them ther orders a group of rebl soldiers come out firing, i get shot in the leg and a few times in the chest, and i slump down against a humvee and then it fades to black and wakes up.. this happens everytime. nd i havnt been able to figure out why im wearing an army uniform in a desert becuz the coast gaurd stays in america and has sea uniforms...

  so one day when i want ot do the coast guard as a future career, and then one day i called the coast guard reccruiter to check out benefits of joining the coast guard

and he asked me have i been arrested before and i sed yes,  and he sed u cant join the coast guard becuz of the felony( i got the felony charge of aggravated assault in the third degree because of the fact that in school i took a friends lighter and held it next another friend's arm and singed a few hairs, te kid was having a bad day and told on me.. so i got arrested for that bullshit)

but then he said that the USA Army Reserves would take me in. I got the number to the US army recruiter and sat back and thought, then i called the recruiter. i asked him what rank i would be brought in as because i did rotc in highschool and they give a promotion as soon as you come in for that.so i would have been brought in as a private first class. so at graduation of boot camp i would have been promoted to Srgt. Also because i was a platoon srgt in ROTC.

    When he told me that i got silent, Because all of the peices were falling into place from the dream. Peice one. The different uniform then the service i wanted- ilegally cant join the coats gaurd peice 2- The rank on my shoulder- i would have gone into service as a seargent. peice 3- sincei  was in a leader ship position in ROTC i would most likely be put up as a squad leader because of my rank and experience in directing orders.  peice 4. i was going into the coast gaurd as n M.P which means i wuld be a port security officer and after my term of service i was going to be a police officer- The army needs mp's over in iraq and afghanistan and such, which means i would have a huge reason to be shipped to a desert country with rebel cities in it.

i dont know what to make of this. but you guys chime your two cents in as well. i dont know if this should be put in general or religion so im going to put it in both.

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Same    :D

Oi sye, take it easy, bro. Things'll turn out for the best, brooding's not going to get you anywhere. Eventually you'll end up going nuts over this, withdraw from life, etc etc, so forget it. Get a grip, think of better things at night before you fall asleep. The brain picks up vibes when you're falling asleep, and your dreams're usually based on them. Think happy thoughts, mate, happy thoughts. Life's froody, enjoy it. Forget about dreams like that, the more you think about 'em, the more they'll bug you. I should know, I had a similar series when I was in the 5th grade, about my parents dying, and me getting hit by a truck, and something like that. I went crazy, and an article in reader's digest had the same thing, so I sorted it out. I don't even remember that premonition anymore, and so far, no trucks  ;)


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It could be one of the following:

1. mere coincidence

2. what ever you think during the day comes back to our dreams as the brain is mostly asleep it processes the thoughts in a strange way.

3. You are next sleeping prophet. Which could be explained through the theory in quantum physics which takes into acounts an existance of multiple universes. Since the universes interact with each other. The ones that are more alaike interact more than others. Than we also assume that the other universes could be at this moment living the different segements of the time line some are in the future others in the past. So one of the future timelines universes interacted with ours and allowed you to pick up the brainwave signals of you in that universe while you were sleeping.

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i dont think about it during the day or before i go to sleep. its usually after i wake up i think about it. But joining the Armed forces wer a dream of mine.. i was gonna do coast guard cuz my mom really did not want me to be in the Army . but since the coast gaurd fell out of my reach she said i could do the army. Lowzeewee or how ever u spell it, the army gaureentees me in my future career choice. i want to be a police officer. Im going to the army to be a Military Policeman, and after my term of service im joining the police force.

The army offers me money for when i sign up, a pay every certain time, and thye pay for my college

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Well, if you must join (I wouldn't), take note of some of the details in your dream and try to make sure they can't all come together in real life. For example, try to get promoted ASAP so you won't be a seargent any more, or never walk into a seemingly empty village...

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i don't do drugs lol. Eric O your advice is pretty good. Only thing is that if I'm told to go some where in the army i will have to. unless i want 20 years in the brig for insubordination. early promotions are not a guaranteed thing.

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