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Who still play Emp?


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i didnt say i dont like anyone, he said there was 4 players online so i said whar if i dont like the host?? evryone of us have some black  listed players... al didnt say he was hosting..and if u want to know i like al a lot and i respect his style a lot .

nuvollary... baby girl.. dont tell me i dont know,, just keep in mind what i can do to ure poor

army in any  game.. rts or other...  dear  nuvollary i am sorry to tell you that you are the one who dont know... i was playing dune  rts games  17 years ago  befor ure parent  have even marryed

eatch others.. so be carfull what you say... i will playe the games worth playing  if i find them

and am sorry to  tell u the games u are playing are for lil kids thats why u like them..


1_ i didnt say emp is the best game , i said dune rts is the mother of rts series and it is the greatest.. that include (dune2.2000.emp) long befor u leared haw to post

2_ bf  is not an rts game so we cant compare a fps  to an rst...

3_ dont feel offended this is only the way i like to think u are totaly free to have ure own point of view those are only games and made for fun eatch one of us can find his plasure in a random way

there is no sinetific  mejors  to calculate things...or know right from rong. as for this forun this is dune web site if u didnt notice that hony  . i know u only played this game for few hours in ure short life  term

but i think peapol here are (dune loyal elites) and would consider to agree with me that this game is the best and we hate to see it go into the shade  taking us with it...i want to say more but am tierd..guys please tell here.. :-

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this is a great idea  al... i ve been looking for a place to pore my angre at ea...

we should all join al  idea and raid this forum with all our force as a comunety..

we can make big posts and pols and even gob and the others admins here can help us  yo let ea knows

that arakies is populated and a alive and that peapol here are a comunety and can help this game live .we need to be found..

haw do we vote al do we need to register??

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i got emperor a week ago through ebay....i;ve been wanting to get it for a long long time...birthday present....

i beat atreides and harkonnen missions sp, but when i checked online, i saw absolutely noone. i'm very disappointed....the game is almost impossible to get here...no stores here have it, yet its pretty good.

i have all C&C games and see lots of people online, but why nothing for emperor....lobby is blank....i want to play online.....tis first time for me and i'll be noobish but i wanna experience something. i usualy play C&C zero hour or BF2 special forces, but i'll make time any night of the week to play online....i dont mind taking 2 hours away from my other games

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hey guys, i havent played thise game for years :D

I dont know if anyone remembers me, but im the brother of brennq. Well I do remember some like desertway,alchemi,harkdawg,doompower(if he still plays :P),mordus and others...

Im gonna try to get online again =). Is it true that there are servers again or?

Greetz Nathan

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Hi Nathanq, so you are the brother of this legendary brennq, huh ? Nice.

Well happy to have you back. You need to time the games now, community is small now. Most games are about 9:00pm GMT onwards. You can change that to whatever time zone you are in.

Also, use windows/msn messenger to arrange games (something your brother started off !).

Get your friend to start a support request thread in the emperor support board.

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