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Who still play Emp?


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I don't agree...

When I go for a new game, I don't go for itz new graphics, i go for itz new gameplay and cool changes.

For example I didn't like quake IV and Doom 3 at all.

Dune 2 isn't better than emperor... just because it is freakin' inpossible for a game that is almost 10 years older to be worse. But yes, for his time, dune2 was better. I'm just saying: if u would release dune2 as a new game today, it would be laughed away, nobody would think that it would be any good.

When they make a new game.. they'dd better also change the gameplay, not only the graphics. Otherwise the world would become kinda boring wouldn't it ?  :P

And yes... there is a discussing if emperor or dune2000 is a good game. Because both games aren't rated that good by game reviewers, especiialy dune2000 isn't... (Although I do admit that the question : 'Is dune a good game??' in the Dune boards isn't a good question  ;D)

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Emperor din't change a whole lot of the game play from Dune2k. Yes there were changes in the graphics and the subhouses, but the overall game play didnt change very much. Which in my opinion was a good thing. "If it aint broke, don't fix it". With the advances in gaming technology it would be easy for them to release this game again with a little better graphics and get rid of  a few bugs. Otherwise the game is perfect. As long as they leave the gameplay the way it is(or don't change it that much) I would but a new version. The biggest thing they need to do to get people interested in the game is market it. They seem to put all their marketing campaigns into FPS and games like Emp get left hung out to dry. They could even go as far as charging a couple bucks a month to play online. Although I will admit that would probably keep more people from playing, so I wouldn't recommend that. They don't even have to market it on TV or anything. Just some ads in gaming sights would probably generate the interest needed to make a game succesful. After all the people visiting those sights are the ones most likely to support games of this nature. IMHO. ::)

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Agreed, des old boy. but we all know that isnt ever going to happen.

Dune2000 I thought was meant to be a clone of dune2 but with imporoved graphics, I am not certain, but thats the general drift I have from seeing it.

Dune2 was the really great game, man I still dread the lady's voice: "Enemy Units Approaching". Nothing has come as close to making me feel so freaked out at hearing words in a game (except recently in BF2 when I got scared stiff, I didnt move, I was worried I would get killed :P).

Emp adds more dimensions to the Dune2 idea with multiplayer.

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hey guys...old sd decided to stop by after a long time....

i wouldnt exactly say i still play emp as i havent played a game in probably about a year, but i just got a new computer after such a long time and figured id re-install this old game and give it a try

i downloaded the patch and am ready to play a game and see if i remember anything, but no one on right now so maybe ill check back sooner or later

hoping to keep this game alive,


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Well, I can't speak for others, but here's why I use XWIS occasionally.

I have been a part of the community since april of '04 and I like playing online. But due to my job and personal life I can only play occasionaly. Sometimes when I get in from the road I am beat, but I would like to play a game to unwind. But after being up for 18 hours I am not really sharp. So Whistler and I will go online for a few games, just for fun, maybe vs. the AI or each other. When we play each other our games can actually last a little while. But usually someone will see us and join our host. Now this doesn't bother me, I like the fact that even though we aren't very good, people will still join our games, so for that reason, I never kick anyone, ever. But I don't think you guys realize sometimes how good you are. It is REALLY HARD WORK for me just to stay alive for a little while, lol. Thats why even when it's my host I have to ask someone like Des, or spaz, or any of the others I know fairly well, what the teams should be, cause to me you all look like "Elites". So with XWIS we can get in 1 or 2 games without having to ask someone to leave. And yes I know the argument "unless you play against us you won't get better" This is true. But when I'm tired, what I learn isn't going to sink in.

Reason 2- I just got a friend started on Emp. and after a few games online he got discouraged. He said "How the hell am I giong to learn anything by dying in 30 seconds" so Des suggested one night that I should play privately with him till he gets at least up to where I am. At least I'm to the point where I can learn by loosing (recognizing my mistakes) instead of going wtf just happened?

So it's good to be able to play some private games once in a while.

I just think you guys have to get it through your heads that Guns is right in his assesment of Emp. So long as we have a server, there will be people playing, sometimes a lot, sometimes a few. When you have a small community, thats just the way it is. But there is something special about this game that keeps people playing.

See you on the sand,


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Also its funny how people are finally doing what i said to do ALL ALONG.

And that it to play private games with noobs to get them up to a certain level before letting them play in REAL games.

Because the noobs will just get beat and be like WTF.  And never learn from their losses.  That is why i always turned noobs away from my games and told them to go practice in a private game first... that is why i always take the time to play private games with noobs when there isnt a Real game going on, in order to train them.

But alas my words fall on deaf ears.... until now.  Now after 5 years of emperor .... people finally do what the hell i told them to do all along. I'm not referring to you Voodoo.... i am referring to all the people who have argued with me in the past about not letting noobs play in my advanced games.

But anyways back to the topic at hand... yes people will play the game with ebb and flow.  I myself am heavily into EVE and BF2... but i will reinstall Emperor on my new computer one of these days soon to get back into it.... becuz i see there are lots of people still playing on the RA-server.... and i miss whooping spaze and newlords so i guess i will give it another run ... plus morduss and rostok needs a good ass-kicking as well ;)

Its just a case of too many games and too little time.  When i get home from work i have about 5-6 hours of possible gaming time... how should i split that up between EVE, BF2, Emperor, and any other new game i might want to get...(or God-forbid real-life issues).  I am sure you guys see the dilemma  ???

Its definately not a "emperor" problem its more a time management problem.  Of course people who only have emperor installed on their computers ahve a clear easy choice... but for multi-gamers like myself.... its quite a pickle to figure out what to do.

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