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Who still play Emp?


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hey muds, you are still alive  :)

@ topic: me is playing emperor - but in my dreams only  ::)

laptop gfx is for office use only and new pc will still take some time

but: I'll get online in the future, maybe end of 2006... who know. this game will never die, it just slows down some times, till some players have time again and goes faster then... emperor is like a nice up and down on the n.y. stock exchange  ;D

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since sadian and I used to recruit alot of WoL players, it was hard work, then he left and I was recruiting solo and then I left emp for IL2 Sturmovic and bf2. For me (I can say the same for some)

I ran out of love for emp, needed to unwind but now sadians back I loved having him as an ally. But when he's with tousc they both rush big.

when will you(sadian) be on dude? :D

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really? amazing...

I only thought of london being a place far beyond every technical standard...

so you even got real electricity for your computer erj? no hamsters running in wheels to power up your cpu  ;D


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maybe I'm really doing this until the hardware I want is available and I have enough money for it.

I just want to play some emperor battles from time to time and rule some kiddies at counterstrike with my godlike oldskewl cs-skills  ;D

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