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Thanks for the mammaries!

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worm: gotta love this guy.  the undisputed king of cheese, but never a dull moment with this guy.  for a guy who never uses exploits he sure discovered a bunch of em.  takes the prize as most emotional partner I ever had. "FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY WILL YOU PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THOSE WORMS!!!"  best laugh I ever had playing emp.  always pissed me off with his crazy b.o.'s, but I loved to fight with him.  rumored to have been affiliated with hobbtz... but only one other guy remembers that far.

dawg: what can I say... this guy is so O.G. that he came back out of retirement when I was still a nub.  a true champion a la muhammed ali.  one of my biggest influences... one of the most influential strategists period.

endo: one of the best clan ever.  they officially killed the clan ladder coz they were so good everyone just said fuck it and quit playing.  maybe you could find someone to beat them one on one... but as a team they were just plain scary.

pig: i get confused who was in pig and who was endo.  at least one guy was in both but was so long ago.  also helped kill the qm and clan ladder coz they were just so damn uber good.

thox: one of the toughest atr to crack.  so damn tuff you had to crack his account to stop him... and even then his legend survived reported death.  another one of my and others' huge influences.  also rumored to have been affliliated with hobbtz, but by now that's merely heresay.

rageatr aka freerunz: another top 5 atr player.  once singlehandedly kicked me and worm's ass with mass atr trikes and inf... years before mass was in vogue.  one of my favorite koreans.

rhangi: maybe I was just a nub, but this guy was badass... he stopped playing before I got any good, but I remember this guy had a killer rush.

sarb: my aussie brother.  also a big influence on my atr.  got me to use adv carry a lot more as atr which is pretty damn crucial.  fellow lover of trees and all around good guy.  though he takes kor a little to seriously.

desertway: ever since my 1st day of emp, still has the best emp nick ever.  once saw him send an empty atr adv carry to decoy for a eng drop, i thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread and thought to myself... "ahhhh so that's the way of the desert." also taught me tons.

undsputed: runner up for coolest emp name.  solid player in his own right.

[x-force]: solid clan.  the only clan I almost joined... but now I think of it I cant remember if the name is accurate it was so long ago.

[666]: another solid clan led by aluskomo (or was he x-force, sheesh my memory fails me in my old age).  produced some good hark players including some guy named brully

brully: a great hark player.  the closest I ever came to starting a clan was when he agreed to join, along with clam and worm... i took one of my many sabbaticals from emp and came back to see worm had retired for good and brully and clam joined some clan called skum... such a shame.

skum: ehhe what can I say... took over emp while no one was looking by multiplying like bunnies.  you had to love these guys coz like 8 of ur buddies were in it.

pearlmans: another of my favorite koreans.  a great hark im always glad to have on my side.

leo: my favorite jew

korlover: my favorite korean.  I'm honored to have interested him in some 1 on 1.

bilbo: what a character.  was notorious... but no one can argue with his impact on the game.  played the role of bad guy with flair and panache unrivaled in emp history.

gun: he impacted the game all right,  but u gotta love this guy.  the way he had worm eatin out of his hands with the techix gig, haha i love it.  gotta admit I had no clue who he was too.  this guy got more skeletons in the closet than a ho tryin to be a housewife.  definately one of the pivotal characters in the drama that is emp.

g0d: props for singlehandedly keeping emp alive during the dark ages.  produced some great players all of whom u know.

vil: Vilgent is an stange individual.  I am not sure what to make of this fellow.  He is a very talented House Ateides player.  However he has a very unique and puzzleing quirk.

munkybhai/eyehat: tied for 2nd runner up for emp nicks I love.  wtf is a munkybhai? eyehat wtf???

hbomb: best sets ever

FEW: great bunch of guys.  ra, des, thel, pro, scar, and a bunch that dont come to mind.  o shit how can I forget, muthafuckin djcid, aka "I dream I'm EITS"

scoutrike[loyal]: another atr guy who helped me tons when I was nubile.

o man there are so many this could go on for ever... zamboe, madluxan, maxpovver, zablovse, cerb, ace, elite, skorpija, earedil, x40k, omniviper (crazy guy played ordos, made a fremen tent which he sold, and pwned with lasers and the 2 warriors), f1r3w411, krazyorse, tariq, camieu, beerinato, mendlebop, B.o.P., lukonnen, scipiov, purmalice, darkavu, DM, aviade, appo... the list goes on ad nauseum...

as you can see... it's ridiculous to call anyone the best ever... so many truely elite players have graced this game.  their influence and innovation are apparant in every game still played today.

if you put a gun to my head and force me to name names, here's my off the top of my head top ten all time... in no order: cerb, ace, elite, dawg, rage, earedil, x40k, d3k (by reputation only i never play him), thox, bossofpig.  If you dont like my list i dont care.  You can just do a search of "best players" and find like 100 lists to choose from.

also as you can see, im sure I missed thanking tons of great friends I made playing emp.  Thanks for  all the great games guys!  I'm sure I'll get the ole emp itch again soon and I see y'all soon.

p.s. dont bother with replies like "_____ top ten? no way!" or "how come _____ wasnt on the list!".  this is simply a list of people I wanted to pay homage to, say thanks to, or pay respects to.  I'm sure I've forgotten some names.


p.p.s. sorry for the long post, but old sard was havin a walk down memory lane.

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see what I mean?  how can I forget good ole del the funky homosexual, my brutha of anutha color.  didnt you used to be fts clan too?

and alch, a true gentleman of the game.

but gunner, gunner and I once had a game that was so damn funny i couldnt stop laughing for hours.  this how it went... it was one of gunners role playing games:

game starts:

30k so i make tons of minos and drones and start lookin around.

I see gunner make a apc some sards and some atr inf.

he puts the atr inf in the apc and moves his sards to a choke point.

all this time he is telling me not to attck and for me to let his scouts get a good look around.

then gunner drives his apc over to the choke point with the sards, and says:

"Sardaukar Guard: You must pay a toll to pass!"

"Atreiadis Commander: We are on important state business.  Step aside or face the wrath of house  Atreadis!"

by this time im bustin a gut.  barely able to type, I move my minos to the "toll" and say:

"Huh?! Mino's don't pay toll!" and kill everybody.


by this time i have a stealth mino, so im walkin it to his base and he says:

"We wish to open up diplomatic negotiations with you."

and since he didnt make much of an army, I say:

"Invisible mino's don't negotiate with terrorists!"

and kill everything in sight.

ehhe, so here's the proof, sardcore = worst emp roleplayer ever. >:(

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ah yeah that role playing thing he wanted to do.


im the farthest thing from gay,

im so homophobic i take the rooster Gism out of eggs.

I eat a hot dog from the middle

Bannana ---- Never

dont eat cocktail salad because of the name

the list can go on

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He has an idea, your nick is...unique. Shame you dilute it by having/using soooo many.

Glad you made the list sardhore. I like seeing things like this as it means I can get an insight into the history that was emp. That isnt to say emp is history...but the history of emp.

I also think it shows that "best ______ ever" was a mantle that was at the most passed along by player to player, clan to clan. That is if there were disputes about the best players of a single time.

Good stuff.  8)

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thoxen was in hobbtz... its a fact cuz i did BC matches with him when we were both clanmates in hobbtz...(holy shit blast from past time warp).  He left hobbtz when Bilbo quit on him in a game.  Which caused Bilbo to put out a hit on him.  Shortly there after... thoxen's account and new clan FCUK were destroyed, not much is known about who did this.

Join us again as we discuss... COLD CASE FILES.

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dun DUn DUN!!!

Cold Case Files

Episode 2:

It was a dark and stormy night... a young lawyer tells his client, "I misspoke myself (boy was I wrong), and that meeting escaped my attention (I fookin fergot).


Client shoots the young lawyer dead.



what happened is common knowledge; jeff is a tailgunner and he likes boys.  i dun give a shiet, coz i like u fine; leo is not only my favrite jew he evryone's favorite jew.  i say u a impotent player to the game of emp, is a comploment.

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy OY Oy!

so what worm was in hobbtz too.  I'm just missing the game and trying to tell some funny stories.

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because dumbarses didnt take passwords seriously and set them to 12345678.  So all you had to do was go to the battleclan site that listed clan members and print it out.  Then you went and typed in each username (their nick) and typed in 12345678 or 1111111 or 22222222 and if you logged in as them..... you had control.  Each clan had about one or two dummies who had a password set to 12345678 (thoxen was one of them).... and since the battleclan website had a roster for every clan you were able to run all the nicks and see if the clan had a password vulnerability.  Basically Bilbo acquired these vulnerabilities and used them to hobbtz's advantage to manipulate the BC ladder.  He could make someone lose a match and drop their entire clan's rank whenever he chose.  Basically the top 10 clans were whoever he chose them to be.

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[666]: another solid clan led by aluskomo (or was he x-force, sheesh my memory fails me in my old age).  produced some good hark players including some guy named brully

brully: a great hark player.  the closest I ever came to starting a clan was when he agreed to join, along with clam and worm... i took one of my many sabbaticals from emp and came back to see worm had retired for good and brully and clam joined some clan called skum... such a shame.

Aluskomo was x-force.. f1r3w4ll or lukonnen or something was 666.

By the way... brully = brennq ... but u probably knew that  :) It's strange that u call him brully.. becuz nearly nobody knows him with that nick

And I wouldn't put aviade on that list.. he was a cheater  :)

for the rest.. nice list.. it refreshes my memories  ;D

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Then they deserved it, in a way. You could say they shouldnt have to set super passwords, but we all know we can never trust everyone. Sheesh.

lol i wouldnt say annyone deserves that just for beeing lazy with passwords. Taking advantage of peoples easy pw's and boost up your clan by playing fixed games with other ppl's accounts is just down low. What gunny neglects to mention is that he was in on it aswell. I was in FTS when he n bilbo played games with eachother using north41's account, i remember the game stats coz i noticed a row of games played against bilbo and cable, it was just too obvious. And the techix heist was funny too, he was making friends with  clammy, clam wouldnt even believe me when i told him it was gunny lol, but when i played a game with tech i noticed he used the funny 3 bar 1st bo, and at that time there was no1 using it, cept gunny, whom i had seen it used lots of times before(gazrush lol). So that triggered my suspicion, I was 99% sure, and some time later on gunny blew his own cover by leaving a game where i was in with ace, coz ace wouldnt play in the same game with gun. he didnt want guns to get a look at his IP adress n stuff. So gun leaves, and 15 sec later tech shows up, who hadnt been seen for several weeks..WOOPS

lol that was some funny shit, but i felt bad for FEW clan after what he did to em lol

Some days before he took over, he n drnk came to talk abt joining skum, but i only would let drnk join, and apparantly they came in a package. 2 days later the old FEW was no more. Proc kicked out of his own clan waddaya know. Then gunny split up few in 3 sections, few*1 etc etc lmfao and kicked out anyone who didnt agree with his hostile take over. Boy was i glad i refused.. So heres why i never liked guns, it goes way back to the FTS days.  Oh well some ppl u like and others u despise, that how things go

But oh well i can remeniss about the good old days, they never comin back, and for the few ppl that still play, well we know we play for the love of the game, nothing more, and i wont be playing much at all, as i am busy having no life  ::)

Ill be hookin up for some games when i have the time, very well possible i wont play at all, and in that case I want to thank all the ppl i have played and become friends with, had lots of great games.

Clam, ryt, 0m3n, Leo, Erj, Des, Scar, Alch, Empr, Sard, Sarb, Thox, mord, Brennq, Dawg, Senda,  and everyone i forgot

Greetz Doom

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Man your signing off makes me get emotional man. Shame I missed those days.

As for weak security, its our own responsibilities. I will not leave my car keys easily accessable and then blame thieves for stealing them.

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sard how the hell can u forget me?!?!?! remember that game when i said i was the best,,, this was when i was a noob didnt even know shift click lol, but i got spanked on knife fight from sard i mean royally, so i take it to fisher, again i get spanked royally, finally a few years later, and much practice i wtf uber pwn you and you loved it said ive came so far and lalalal well i have and thank you for those memories man was the best time of my gaming life..... so sad its over now :'( but new days shall come and new people shall be met, for now im off but remember SKUM FOR LIFE!!!!!! hehe also alot other clans ive been in and made, like SKUM2 Muahaha hehe was a joke god i could go on forever about the old days, have fifty games to choose from and what not well im back ive played and yes i have owned see  yah on the sand my arraki brothers....

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yeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwww.  Aussie Aussie Aussie!  sup sarb, my brutha of anutha mutha.  naw ya'll aint got rid of me yet.  I been moving so I had canceled dsl at my old spot and havnt got dsl at my new place yet, so you be seein me around again soon enuff.  I s'pose I could install emp on my laptop and play on some bootleg wireless.

lol yea how can I forget mord.  I remember the first time I met mord.  It was a many many moons ago, I forget who my partner was, but this guy named mord and blade join the room and we play.  Game starts, I think it was fishers, but I could be wrong, and I see this fookin mcv rolling to my base! Fookin basejacker took my rock hahah.  I laugh and say "gg, cool tactic, my buddy (worm), made that one up."  anyways, tough guy mord goes on and on bout how he dunno who worm is but he'll pwn me and worm all day everyday.  anyways, long story short, mord got hisself his first taste of sardcore that day.

I think that day mord joined the sardcore fan club.  rytjfty was the founding father of that club,  the list of members is long and undistinguished.  I love ya mord, you got u some gumption, but you couldn't own my jockstrap if you bought it.  ehhe jk dont uber pwn me wtf please @!# uh uh I love it oh yea baby uh uh gimmie some mo! ehhe.  good times fer sure.

ah yes, knife fight.  I've heard it all... sard is only good on knife fight... sard is only good big money, sard is only good small money, sard is only good at rush... blah blah blah.

by the way, you guys know every game you play even to this day is a tribute to worm? it's true, I love me some 15k, but fookin worm insisted, after watching dawg and his expensive bo's, that 10k was the way to go.  little did we know that our sets would become stanard.  I regret it in a way, I've always thought that qm was the best, most fair, most balanced, and most fun sets.  I gotta admit though, my qm game was nowhere near the level of pig and endo.

always good to hear from ya sarb.  how's ur biz doing?  I'll blow some trees in your honor buddy, and i see u soon.  anutha by the way... if vil is the best speller in emp... than sarb is the worst.  sarBaukar wtf?  what the hell is an empperor?  loollol ehhe peace out.

o and for those of you who have delusions of how good you are, search dune2k for the best of threads and see how you stack up.  you might surprised that your name does not show up... ever.

o shiet and how could I have forgotten FTS, muthafokkin cyrax my funky kneegrow, and of course north, and east, and south and... west? ehhe wasn't DM FTS too?  who else?

yea my posts are long so what I gotta lotta shiet to say

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