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what hardware are you going to buy in 2006...?

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Lmao, I build and work on computers for other people, but I've never been able to get out of the P3. I haven't been able to afford it (college fund and stock investments). My Dell desktop GPU just fried, so I went to the IBM Thinpad R30 at 1.0 GHZ.

I'm celebrating the fact that I finally could afford to buy a 512 chip for it, setting me at 740 PC 133 RAM, lmao. Big step for someone that's built Intel systems for customers running 2 GB DDR2 533Mhz.

So now I just need to take the 256 out and replace it with another 512 to max out the motherboard. It's kind of funny, because when I started taking the laptop apart the other night, I got to the DIMM slots and said to myself, "let's see what third party IBM is using and charging me $2,000 extra for." Flipped it around: Kingston. Never going to denounce them again.

Anyways, the Dell only allowed me to go to 512, with a processor that was about 70mhz slower. And we got the Dell after the IBM. Another attribute to their quality.

About stuff I plan to get before I get my new laptop is, as previously mentioned, another 512 chip. But more importantly, with the loss of my desktop I lost my Soundblaster Live! 5.1, and my surround sound system. So, my plans are to buy the Soundblaster Augidy Notebook ZS to reclaim my speakers (using 2.1 with sub from my 5.1). Surprisingly has a better SNR and playback rate than my Live! did, so we'll see how it goes.

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Gotta love that MX1000 veK  ;D I have one myself, and I love it.

I'm thinking about getting a Sceptre monitor (19in LCD flat-panel, with a good enough con ratio). Any ideas on the best manufacturers of monitors?

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samsung & benq are rather good lcd panel manufacturers, go check on them.

but I'd recommend 20" instead of 19" because most (or even all) only have a max resolution of 1280x1024. this is not good imo. 20" have 1600x1200 and are much better, but don't cost much more.

otherwise I'd rather buy a 17" which also have 1280x1024 (now you see why 19" with 1280x1024 are quite useless)

so: 17" @ 1280x1024 or 20" with 1600x1200 - forget anything between :)

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My main CRT 19" IIYAMA has just moved on to silicone heaven (which isnt Pamela Anderson !). Time to buy a new LCD TFT thingummy.

I already have an Acer cheap one and its ok, but I could see thequality differnce in the CRT and LCD, but I cant afford the space and CRT is old tech I suppose.

I believe samsung are the largest makers of LCDs, are they also the best ?

Is it really worth going for a 20" ? Which one ? Any reasonable models you can quote ?

Thanks guys.

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I believe samsung are the largest makers of LCDs, are they also the best ?

maybe not THE best with every model but indeed one of the best.

Is it really worth going for a 20" ?

yes it is. 1600x1200 rocks if you work with it and playing emp with 1600x1200 rocks too :)

Which one ? Any reasonable models you can quote ?

Samsung SyncMaster 204B, 20.1", 1600x1200, analog/digital (LS20BRDBSQ)

(cheapest price in germany currently is aroun 415 EUR for this one - gna... I paid 1.000 for my dell back then)

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I'm excited what the uk pricing will be.

@ topic: I have a lot of chaos right now and don't know how much money I will have after I have moved my ass back to my hometown. but I can't wait any longer to build a new pc. I already found the mainboard which I will buy, it's awesome  :)

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you could probably get 2 x 17" for that price. a friend of mine recently bought the samsung 17" model.

but actually I would prefer 1 x 20" - although I also really like to work with a dual monitor setup which I had for a long time now by using the screen of my laptop as the second monitor as you can also see in the picture I posted a few weeks ago.

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[tt]gryphon[/tt] just got a new little toy.



This one is currently private, although it's gon'na be subrented and host one (no really) website in the near future. I am getting another one for private use (dell) after this weekend. Almost similar only with RAID disks.

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very nice  :)

(btw: you posted the same link twice. the second link should probably be named ~toy2.jpg)

Changed the links. :)

And nice but just the cheapest HP server series. .. the Dell will be nicer. I hope ..

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Not really new, but then I know Vek loves pictures and asked for this one a while back. This is the first (rack) server I ones bought. It used to be located in Amsterdam. After a couple of years it needed a re-install and another function. So it was back at my home for a few days.

So here you go veK. :)



BTW. This is probably my last post for now. Gon'na catch a plane of to some hot island and won't be back for 2 weeks. So please behave in my absents. ;)

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nice pictures :)

btw it's veK not Vek  ;)

enjoy your holidays.

I'm still waiting for money so that I can buy some stuff for a new pc, so nothing new from here yet...

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so... I applied for a new job and got it. so I should have some money in about 1-2 months to present you my new pc.

currently I'm planning on following stuff:

case: already have one

dvd-burner: already have a good one

hdd: Samsung SpinPoint P120 250GB SATA II (SP2504C)

cpu: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Sockel-775 boxed, 2x 2.40GHz, 266MHz FSB, 4MB shared Cache (BX80557E6600)

board: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe, i975X (dual PC2-6400U DDR2) (90-MBB2X0-G0EAY)

gfx: XFX GeForce 7900 GT 520M XTREME, 256MB GDDR3, 2x DVI, ViVo, PCIe (PV-T71G-UCE7)

ram: G.Skill DIMM Kit 2048MB PC2-6400U CL4-4-4-12 (DDR2-800) (F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ)

headset: Speed-Link Medusa 5.1 ProGamer Edition (SL-8793)

sound is a good one 7.1 on board with coaxial out. I also buy some stuff llike modding case fans and maybe a new keyboard.

maybe a tv card later and some additional external storage. my 400gb are full...

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yes they are. the only reason why I change to intel. this is my first intel in so many years (had intel laptops of course but I mean my first intel in a desktop/gaming pc).

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mwhaha soon I will buy my new hardware stuff.

I have started my new job on thursday and I'm getting some money soon (besides the money I get from work) because I also sold my subnotebook...

I guess I'll be waiting with my purchase until I've also moved into a new flat and know how much everything will cost. but maybe it's octobre then and I decide to wait for the launch of the new dx10 cards. we'll see :)

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*Cries with joy* After 5 1/2 years of dealing with P3s, my friends, I have finally bought a new tower:

AMD Dual-Core x2 4200+ (2GHZ FSB)

1GB DDR2 533 (Motherboard supports 16GB; up to 800MHZ)

Integrated nVidia 6100 (will work for Emperor and SOFII for the time being)

Soundblaster Live! 5.1 (with my previous 5.1 system)

200GB SATA-2 @ 3GB/s

Media card reader

Two DVD-writing drives

And next up on the list, as in two or three weeks: Dell 21'' Ultrasharp LCD (No need to go on about yours, Vek -- we've all heard enough, trust me  ;D)

After five years. I'm simply put, freaking balls right about now.

- In happy place now; can game again -

And all of it fit into my budget constraints; came out to $605 USD with $70 shipping.

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I already ordered almost everything. the (expensive) new sound experience is not available in stores yet and I guess I'll also have to wait a few more weeks till the pc is up because of the video-card which is scheduled to arrive at the store from which I orderer around the 30th of sept.  :-

we'll see...

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For some reson, I've not taken notice of this thread before...

Hmm, I can post what I've bought this year, and what I'm planning to buy:


* Creative X-FI XtremeMusic

I wasn't satisfied enough with it, so I put it in my older computer, and bought:

* M-Audio Revolution 7.1

* Sennheiser HD 595

Going to buy:

* M-Audio Audiophile 192

* Beyerdynamic DT880

* Headphone amp (I want Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear...)

* New system with Intel quad core when it arrives. (I haven't got away from my single core yet.)

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