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DOOM the movie...


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*Warning* Maybe some sort of a spoiler, but I highly doubt it.

By the way if anyone is going to see this Movie for the graphics *cough*special effects*hack*cough*. Well these 3 snapshots pretty much sum that up.




Wow, totally mind-blowing special effects. Just remember that these awesome scenes are all shot in about a 4 min time frame at the end.

Also, would it have killed them to at the very least throw in a gratuitous boob,leg or ass shot or something from the hot chic, damn.


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I just saw it yesterday. Nothing special and it seemed pretty chaotic; the whole "Special Forces team goes around in the dark and kills aliens" is just sooo overdone. And the cool first-person view? Last 4-5 minutes of the film.

Small spoiler, won't ruin the plot too badly.

[hide]By the way, if you watch it, look out for a guy called 'Pinky' with his torso mounted on wheels. Then think about 'Pinky' in the game. ;)[/hide]

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its out on the 12th Dec in UK!

Ah, and I had been looking for that and wondering if I had missed it. Funnily enough, one cimema showed up on the internet as showing it...but it wasnt local enough to check out.

I went with my friend and he wanted to watch Doom and I told him about what I have heard here, so we saw Saw 2. Nice and nasty. :P

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Damn, 10 commandments rocks. Got that on DVD now.

Serenity date coming closer and closer.

the way I look at it, reading this thread has saved me a couple of quid :P

It came out way before December 3rd did it not? :O

I actually enjoyed this (just saw it now)

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