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When a break cd!


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Hey guys, i m pissed off cuz my second cd-emperor broken in my reading-cdplayer and i m to use CD PIRATE cuz i dont like when it happens.My reader-cd did my emperor cd break when i was to watch 1 duel pearlm and korlover vs newlords and ra1024 and i lost this duel cuz of LG.I hate cd-speed 58x becouse when that same read 2x more it is like 58 + 58 but never happens . The cd-reader always read 10 times more than normal when not get find archive so it is like 58x10 and it does the cd break!how could my cd emperor break with 55 minutes of the game and my star wars jedi outcast not broken with 1,5 hours of game ?I m angry and i m going to use cd-pirate and i wanna see someone says: that is not agree! I will say:Fuck ur &*

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Muahaha i got a (cd-reader) new and i will start play emperor since now heheh P.

DOom ur english is so quiet sucks than mine so dont blame me in the chat as i m the best in the game!lol ;D

i m too +! :D

doesnt exist someone like me in the world i m unique!

thanks guys every1 knows how important it is to us :emperor cd breaking a lot and not seeling it anymore ,,,....agrrr what i will use in the future??? cd-pirate and not original(main) cd game.

plz someone knows who did win??? korlover and pearlms or newlords and ra???

thanks guys i got a readierest (cd-reader) sansung and i think it run nice !

bye and i m backing to emperowm since now and i hope for someone there for  *(&

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aahhh bro its not good :) u skilled not very vell in hach world :DD  and your speling is harmfull :DD (joke) :DD it suck becouse i cant play emperor online >:( i just need good install.... 

do somebody have dune film ??? i wanna get it and see all :DD if somebody have msg me :DD i be pleasure to get it by 1G mail ;DDD 

and sorry for my speling ;))

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