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  1. i just logged in to ra's server about an hour ago, and when i came back i was kicked off. i tried to log back on but couldn't get the "downloading channels" message to pop up. so i tried xwis and that seems to work fine, but no one's there right now. oh, and before there were about 7 players on ra's, but now ra is the only one...weird??
  2. nunu...i think i predated most of the people online now as i got the game when it first came out probably about 4 years ago (not sure if math is correct); i just only played with two or three friends of mine online and did the missions, never played ladder or anything only about two summers ago was when i started playing again online and played for a while, making friends like u who was already there...so i guess in a way u did pre-date me
  3. this is a thread that i like...old pals like des and nunu still remember my forgotton arse haha well i might as well give a little back about when i used to play: the best of the time that i played (about a year ago) was hands down mr jeff...and i will admit it despite our battles. appo was also real good, and then people like spaze and sard always held their own no matter what. cool people...too many: des and nunu were always my favorite pals online, leo was pretty gay too, slaphapy, kalony, darkd3th, alchemi, ra, scar, and many other cool guys as well biggest noob/stupidest emp player/whiner: agreed by all==>youk ive had some pretty big wins while playing, but im not gonna brag or start a fight cause many of them were in team games where an opponent could possibly blame in on their teammate, or make some other excuse. i never really enjoyed 1v1 either so idk if i beat anyone that great in a solo battle. best teammate: me and des kicked some butt and worked well together, cbrick always was a good teammate, and all of the other good players were too...those i didnt have to worry about in team games know who they r lastly, i just wanna thank vilgent for his help when i first started playing (probably wouldve quit after being destroyed so many times if it wasnt for him), and skumclam and sendakon were always offering help back then too well im out for now...hoping to play a game or two with my new computer now that im officially not the "lord or lag"
  4. hey guys...old sd decided to stop by after a long time.... i wouldnt exactly say i still play emp as i havent played a game in probably about a year, but i just got a new computer after such a long time and figured id re-install this old game and give it a try i downloaded the patch and am ready to play a game and see if i remember anything, but no one on right now so maybe ill check back sooner or later hoping to keep this game alive, sd00711
  5. yeah i wont be around for a while either, busy and stuff but u might see me around on this weekend or next if i get some free time dont leave doomy we love u too much, and u couldnt deal with living without me anyways so i dont feel threatened :-*
  6. hmmm...still a little confused....not sure if that was a compliment from youk but hey, his team of 6 could deff beat everybody else together named hands down, no doubt in my mind but if it was a compliment then thanks youk....i love u too, even if i yell at u when u never accept before games ;)
  7. hahahahahahahaha ur too much youk...lol nice one scar, that is not agree
  8. the other day i was playing a game against harkdawg, where i was hark and he was ordos.
  9. hehe nunu ill get that comp all of u guys dream about one of these days....so then doom wont have to blame all of his losses on that damn lagg ;)
  10. i know exactly what u mean nunu and it has always pissed me off...when u hit it typing "go" or "now" or "ok" and it gives them all to ur teammate...and then whens its someone like dav that doesnt see GIVE MY UNITS BACK PLEASE or someone else who is obsessed with themselves i changed my button from "o" under the options after i lost a game because of that so hope that solves ur problem
  11. i was wondering what page most of the people who currently play emperor use to check who's online:
  12. i agree with nunu for the most part in that only n00bs or weaker players use them because they would get killed by a more experienced player.
  13. whenever i play online, no matter how many players r in the game, the game loads fine and then 5 min into the game part of my dsl turns off and i get disconnected this just started happening about a week or so ago and i dont know how to fix it. i already unhooked my router and tried reconnecting all of the wires on my internet connection but none of that has worked if u have any ideas that would help a lot thanks
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