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  1. when im loging in its times out.... where is problem?
  2. lol ai have insificient funds... play map where a just little bit spice... then spice ends he dont create units...
  3. or if this dont elps ,just reinstall ;)) :D
  4. what meand BO??? and COLONY who is most worst player?
  5. i fully aggre with you... sometimes we thinking about game status and oponent skills.... we must think fast and take points about enemy... all of you making lots of infantry... but why? all houses is difference and taking difference efects.... sometimes infantry is good but sometimes it sucks.... mixing your army is good ,but easy taking by powerfull unit... im green in game (newbye) but few times a was taking game in my hands...
  6. you can download modes but then you can play only skirmish...
  7. ISO takes 700mb. like compact disc....
  8. you dont finded one of wind traps so you lose the mision.... it was same to me... i just needed to destroy one wind...
  9. where u gone? i never catch up u in MSN but i whrote u in mail... if u still send me game i will whrite u my 1G mail
  10. not bad thing.. :D i killed two AI and i bored :D its not very easy but not very hard ;)
  11. we never get out the truth... all palys diference :D all can play vell as they can :DDok sorry for that what i sayd ,all houses is good but each skilled on diference houses ;DD
  12. minos dont have to walk far ,for that are harvester... u have sayd that ordos will atack cariels??? i always take anemy cariels with harvesters and take them to my defence line... it takes it down and trains my military... i have my taktic and i can beat enybody ,everythere...
  13. all houses have theyr + and - .... like devastators good takes vs minos and minos not good for horkonen that rocket tank i dont remember name :DD emperor is balanced very vell... about game... atreides is the best defenders... horkonen good atackers... ordos suck in all this :DDDDD only one unit is good on ordos it is what infantry witsh blows ,like kamikazdes , sorry dont remember name... :D i skilled perfect on atreides ;D
  14. and one more thing... samsung technic suck ,its very bad... even sony is better
  15. aahhh bro its not good :) u skilled not very vell in hach world :DD and your speling is harmfull :DD (joke) :DD it suck becouse i cant play emperor online >:( i just need good install.... do somebody have dune film ??? i wanna get it and see all :DD if somebody have msg me :DD i be pleasure to get it by 1G mail ;DDD and sorry for my speling ;))
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