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When a break cd!


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Because it's far easier for youko to install one file than to be sent an entire disk.

Not to mention a virtual CD is a few hundred times larger than a no-CD crack.

If i'm not mistaken, Emp is well over a gig that would be used in the Virtual CD program. A no-CD crack is a no brainer to use vs. a gig or more of files that would have to be used and downloaded or sent? Phew. Aside from that the game is only a buck or 2 now at certain places.

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Like to see how much you mailing Emperor to Lithuania is going to cost..

where u gone? i never catch up u in MSN but i whrote u in mail... if u still send me game i will whrite u my 1G mail

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@Egis - I cannot give you bits of the game. I wouldnt be able to do it if I wanted to, not enough bandwidth.

Apoo..Whats the point of having the virtual CDs ? I figured you would want all the music and campaign missions of the CDs, which includes the 3 house CDs. Thats why I said thousands. Possibly even that would be wrong, but heck, its a huge{/b] difference.

Even for the one CD, I cannot see the point of using Virtual CD. Whats the advantage, if any ?

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Nun, re-read the thread and see that I'm arguing against the use of virtual CDs. In my earlier post I was merely correcting your assertion that the VCDs would be thousands of times bigger, which is untrue since multiplay would only require a single VCD.

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...yeah...well........dont do it again...  >:(

And by the way, like I said before, if you are going to have a virtual CD, its only useful if you are going to play campains (otherwise NoCD crack is much better) and if you do have an image of 4 cds, it IS 1000+ times bigger. There is someone here who told me thats what he does, have an ISO image of about 4 gigs...or 3+ anyway.

Besides the point now, though.

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