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Most anticipated movies of 2005


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Also the new Blade movie looks interesting.

it wasnt very good, i was dissapointed :( it's got reasonable action (but IMO not as good as the first blade) and there is good comic relief, but for the most part, it sucked.

and war of the worlds looks like it has really good potential, unfortunately i have only seen a teaser trailer and it gives about as much info as the h2g2 teaser trailer does, so i have no clue if it will be any good

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I just saw a full trailer for H2G2 last weekend.  How much it pains me to say this but...it looks like it could be a potential dissapointment.  It looks like it's packed with small funny jokes from the movie, at least that's the impression I was left with from the trailer.  They seemed to shove in most of the more well-known jokes from the books into the trailer, and it didnt seem to have the most spectacular acting either.  O well, I will probably go see it anyway, but just so you know, there is a full trailer out for it now.

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go to www.apple.com/trailers for the H2G2 trailer.  I am totally hyped for this movie, maybe it is more a british thing then anything else.  Thats what the books are all about - little jokes that make the whole movie so much better.  I mean the trailer is a class act in itself.  April 29th cannot come quick enough.

Other movies;

Sin City






and a few more!

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Sin City looks stunning. The director is a genius who can do anything. I think he did the flick Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and even did the music for kill bill volume 2. I guess he is good friends with many of the best directors out there like Quintin Tarentino and others. I really hope that the film is as good as it looks in the previews.

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yeah I saw the full trailer, it was funny, but i'm really afraid they could make this kind of a "kiddy" movie... rather than actually try and make it a film that is all around funny for all ages.

Today I went and saw Sin City.  It's visual styling/cinematography is absolutely incredible.  I have heard a lot of complaints from certain people who say they don't want to see it because it's black and white.  If you happen to be one of those people (which I dont think there are any in the movie enthusiests on this forum)  dont not see it for that reason, You'll completely forget about the black and white, and the colorization in the film is incredible. 

Anyway, it is not only amazing for it's looks, but it is very well directed.  As TMA-1 said the main directors are very good with their film works, but not only that,  Quintin Tarentino also guest directs for the film. One of the more important parts of the directing is they brought in the original creator of the graphic novels, keeping it very well along the original artistic style (and not ruined by some director trying to show the story in "his own way").

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