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Exactly my problem with it, a waste of bandwidth (I dont really care about that so much) and a waste of computer resources. Might slow down my main page loading, or slow down computer reaction speed.

Like you said, its generally fast enough, but if someone tests it and wants to recommend it, I might give it a bash...

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Also, my average use of firefox runs between 100-150 mb of ram within an hour. I can only imagine the ram usage if it prefetches all the links. I would think it would make Firefox crash more often than it already does after long usage.

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Another good reason I hadnt thought of for using this plugin given by O Great Gob.

"Hence forth, anyone found using this plugin, or any such similar plugin, will be banned for a period of no more then 1.43 Yeti Lifetimes"  ;D

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Ok, i ran into a bit of a problem with Fire Fox 1.5

I have been running it for a few months with no problems, but just the other night i ran into a problem.  Gmail would no longer load on it and Pics posted on my forum would no longer load aswell...  I could load everything in IE, but not fire fox....  it was weird.  So i went into my guest account and logged into gmail there using fire fox, and it loaded.  I dont know what the problem is...  But i have also noticed that when i shut down or re-start my computer, it never realy shuts down or re-starts anymore.  It loggs off of windows and gets to the point where it usualy shuts down, but it just stays there...  and does nothing... 

I dont know if it is a problem with fire fox, with windows, if i have some sort of virus...  or what...  but i thought that because the main problem is with fire fox, i would post here.  I will try isntalling firefox 1.07 to see if that version works... 

Also, while i am at it, does anyone know of any good, free, anti-addwear/spywear????

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Microsofts spyware beta thingy is free.

Have you tried clearing the cache, saved forms, history, cookies etc in firefox?

You could try uninstalling it and installing it again.

But if firefox and computer was working properly and then stopped working properly without you changing anything(plugins, themes), I'm not sure how it would be firefox.

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Was going to say, there is an option to only load graphics fromt he originating server, so if a website stores it graphics on another server (not too unusual, I think) then FF will not load them. Presumably this is to stop ads, which are almost always from other servers...

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Dunno where

Search Web for ""

came from when I right click on selected text.

I havn't added any new extensions. When I click on it, it takes me to google results with the word I had highlighted.

Is this default for firefox?

I looked in customize google options, but didn't see anything related to this.

(select image to enlarge)

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Got a problem with firefox.

When looking for updates via extension window, it said that adblock+ had an update. I told it to update but it said download error. It didn't download or install it. I went looking around the web for the version, found it at a forum where it should be. Downloaded it to my desktop. Then I got firefox to open the plugin to install the .xpi (which I had done before in the past for extensions, especially when I put them on my usb stick to install on others firefox). It installed it, although it left the bottom plugin thing in the extion window.

I can not get rid of this extension thing. Tried nigthly tester tools, but that doesnt come with an option to uninstall it.



Fixed it by uninstalling adblock+ and installing it again from the same file I did before.

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I installed the nightly calendar extension, but I am unable to uninstall it. I told it to uninstall and it told me it will be removed after I restart firefox as with any extension that a user removes. But it still says that.

I posted about it at their blog.


EDIT.. nevermind, seems that firefox wasn't even shutting down when I closed it. I had to go to windows task manager and manualy close it.

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Apparently someone has taken over production of Adblock plus.

Seems to be lots of chatter about what's going on and who new developer is and what he is doing with it.

I'm going to wait until the dust settles before I update.

Mozilline forums discussion. look for mcm_ham post.

Adblock plus thread.

So it seems there is going to be development on the original adblock as well.

Give it a week and it should be sorted out :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

My roomates computer just told her to update to Firefox or something. I havn't gotten it yet. Anyone confirm its been released?

Oh, how interesting.

What the heck is with this update?

It tells you how to become and not become a beta tester.

I had to do a help->check for updates to get it.

Hope it doesn't crash!

That is definitely gonna scare some users when they can't find the release on the main firefox pages.

Hope these RCs are stable. :)

What's New in Firefox

    *  Improved stability.

    * Improved support for Mac OS X.

    * International Domain Name support for Iceland (.is) is now enabled.

    * Fixes for several memory leaks.

    * Several security enhancements.

Guess I'm happy getting them. Damn memory leaks.

Download manager tweak is not compatable, but download statusbar is (I use statusbar, roomate has tweak, but I will switch it over sometime).

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Prefer manager tweak to status bar, status bar takes up browsing space !

Wont upgrade until its released as final.

Have you tried minimode??

It only takes up a tiny box in the bottom right corner of the status bar. It takes up absolutely no room.

Download Status Bar

Better than having a download window popup and then you have to close it and it gets in the way when downloading/browsing.

Yes the normal mode which has each download shown is ugly, I don't like that.



The two blue things only show up with you click on the button thing there.


They are recommending people to update to latest version.

Mozilla Firefox Released

I'm guessing the autoupdate feature will take affect for all people now (or if they go help-> check for updates).


For some reason adblocker is not working. I update filterset.g and firefox, so I'm not sure which is causing it. I'm using the last version of adblock plus before takeover.

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