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I'm sure some of this is rather common knowledge, but I found the following tips on boosting Firefox performance useful:

Settings to Speed-up Firefox for Each System Configuration (note that you might need to create some of the preference entries in about:config)

Optimize Firefox’s memory usage by tweaking session preferences (exactly what it says on the tin)

How to reduce the memory usage on Firefox?

Reduce Memory Usage In Firefox

BTW, apparently, I'm not the only one who has problems with PDF files in Firefox, here's the article that addresses the issue:

How to prevent PDF's from freezing FireFox?

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But in many cases you have to sacrifice functionality. For example this suggestion:

* don't use more than 5 extensions
in pretty useless.

Thanks for links. I will try some of them. Anyway it is wise to clear history automatically when you exit FF-including those of the LSO cookies you don't really need(extension required: 'BetterPrivacy').

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You could also try allocating less RAM for browser cache to reduce strain on memory by changing the browser.cache.memory.capacity parameter. By default, Firefox auto-detects memory cache size depending on total amount of RAM, but you can set it up for any fixed value you wish.

BTW, I fixed the PDF problem I mentioned above by simply turning off the Adobe plug-in.

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