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Prove to Dunenewt that I'm right


Does Doom 3 has anything going for him aside good technology?  

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  1. 1. Does Doom 3 has anything going for him aside good technology?

    • Doom 3 is like the greatest game ever! I mean zombies and demons on mars? WOW!!!
    • NOT!!!!
    • Don't have a good GFX card / I don't like shooters / My dog ate my copy

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Well... it's either one or extreme or the other. So i had to choose one. To expand, i'd say it was a good game (and it runs adequately enough on my GeForce4 128), and the atmospheric lighting is pretty good too. On par with 'thuck - thuck - thuck -  WEEBLE! WEEBLE! WEEBLE!' of the motion trackers on AvP. That thing scared the HELL out of me when I played it for the first time. In the dark.

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Just to let you know, I voted about the dog eating my copy.

I dont particularly like shooters, I played Halo through just because it was sssooooo hyped, and thought...hmmmm....then went back to emp. There is nothing special in these games, play them once, then walk away.

Except maybe Max Paine. Well, I did walk away, but I actually really enjoyed the game. Maybe Doom3 will change my mind aboutt he genre, but from the comments here, I doubt it.

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I take back my vote, I was too caught up in the hype :(

doom3 is just a platfrom to sell the engine

Yes, BTW Doom 3 engine is not available for licensing as of yet.

ID's site says it's not feature complete.

There's at least another full year before we'll see anything on that engine that puts it to good use (Aside MODs of course).


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