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A Day in the Life of a Mexican Bandito Pirate


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Like every organized person, your typical Mexican Bandito Pirate begins his day by figuring out what jobs he needs to take care of and writing out a todo list on his palm pilot.


After getting dressed, the average Mexican Bandito Pirate takes a little time to himself, sitting down, relaxing, and having a little something to eat.


On the way to his secret lair, the Mexican Bandito Pirate looks to the sky and sighs.

"What a beautiful day"


At the edge of the forest that hides the secret lair of the Mexican Bandito Pirates, our friend meets up with his compatriots and together they walk the rest of the way.


After discussing their plans for the daily plunder, the Mexican Bandito Pirates head to one of their many land attack crusers.  This one was specifically designed to ramp off their flagship onto the targeted vessels.  The shock of such a sight is often enough to make the Captain of the enemy vessel surrender immediatly.

Note the prominant placement of the Mexican Bandito Pirate Flag.  It's enough to make you wet yourself.

Oh yeah.


After a day of hard (yet oddly arousing) swashbuckling...


The Mexican Bandito Pirates load up their Swagmobile with plundered booty and head on home.


One of them asks to stop for a moment in order to pay homage to Big Bruce himself, at one of his many awe-inspiring shrines.


After unloading and burying their well-earned Swag, the Mexican Bandito Pirates head back along the treacherous path to their secret hideaway, The Shack.


All that is left to do today is sit back, crack open a cold one, and relax.


Some soft, relaxing music begins playing on the CD player in the background...


And after hours of revelry, drinking, and dueling, the Mexican Bandito Pirates drift off into drunken stupers, while our friend thinks about what the future holds for him...


Out of nowhere a voice cries out:

"Yeah right, maybe when


Our friend, startled out of his dreams and desires, thinks:


But then he quickly calms himself.  Tommorow is whole nother day, filled with the excitment and fun of raping houses and pillaging women. 

As he settles down to sleep, one final image rests in his mind:


And that has been A Day in the Life of a Mexican Bandito Pirate.



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Actually i just found out Mahdi has tricked us all.... he is really a BANDITA ... thats right ... Mahdi is actually a babe...


:D ;) :O :-X

Beleive me, if that were true, all of my computer time would be spent in front of a mirror instead.

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So when do we get to see this brilliant work in slideshow form?

By the way, for those that are interested, a friend of mine designed their logo :D

When you go on msn and have an hour to spare to download it.

And yeah, a friend of Inocs made the last pic, and did a fantastic job.  Most of the rest I ahve no idea who made, they came as e-mail attachments.

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