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Ornithopter Game

Mr. T

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mrt.thanez.net/releasage/thopter15.zip for people to lazy to copy and paste.

That game is very fun to play!

I like them type of shooting games ever since 1948 or whatever for nintendo.

Do you think there will be any updates for it in the future? New weapons and powerups and enemies?

Also would you like it to be put up on fed2k's download list? If so IM Gobalopper about it.


We could have contests to see who gets the highest scores. ;D

EDIT - or did you just edit the 1945 game sprites?

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I made it from scratch. I did use some of the 1945 code for things I couldn't figure out (homing missles, etc.) but otherwise its my own :)

I might add another level, if I can figure out how to do multiple rooms...

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OK, I added a whole new level (the Ordos homeworld), complete with new enemies. The new weapons come tommorow (spread fire, sonic shot, and a flame thrower.)


More weapons.

More levels.


I think the current release's number of enemies is a bit low, I might revert to the old code if you guys don't like it.

Give the Deviator a more interesting attack (at the moment, it is just a carbon copy of the Missle Tank)

Kinda done:

Smarter enemies (The Sabotuer always tries to kamikaze your Ornithopter, while the Raider Trike occasionally tries to line itself up with you)

http://mrt.thanez.net/releasage/thopter17.zip[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Nice game.

I saw that you also added a Caladan level.

About the enemy spawning, I like it this way, when it keeps getting tougher.

An idea would be to add the ability to blow up buildings, which costs more shots to fire ofcourse. And that way you can also add turrets which fire at you.

Well, that is all for consideration, but one thing that may result very positive, and that is to increase the Thopter's speed (yes, another increase) because, like Vanguard said, it gives more speed to the game, and that could make it more realistic

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I agree. I also think you should make more unique terrain features, and make it scroll a little more slowly.

And perhaps have character upgrades, so that maybe after beating a boss your ornithopter is upgraded into something maybe a little bigger, better armor, etc. That sort of thing.

And as suggestion for a weapon:

-Atomic Rocket - get in small quantities, slow moving, making them most useful against bosses.

For bosses I thought it might be interesting if you were to add something like a frigate, and gradually get more and more challenging types of frigates to engage. So, more levels for each house obviously.

Excellent job by the way ;)

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I just finished playing it again, and I didn't notice any health or machine guns. But I only ended up with 202 points or so.

There really should be one health in the first level. (say at the 100 point mark.)

and I tried killing the sabatour but ran into him and died, lol. nice addition.

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Yes, I couldn't kill the saboteurs, either.  I also noticed that sometimes the bullets will go through enemies.  you might want to increase the number of steps a shot goes before going off the top of the screen.  I just forget how to do that without making it slower.

I would recommend against any atomic weaponry.  After all, they are banned by the Great Convention and all.

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Wow. That was sweet :D

Brings me back to the good ol' days of the Amiga. Double trouble there.. Dune II as well as the sweet sweet over the head shoot 'em ups. That loadup screen "The best games are always free!" is still as vivid in my mind as anything.

The problem with the rockets going through the enemys is usually because you're too close, from what I saw. But that.. makes sense, since you're above them, if they are directly "in front" of you, then they're on the ground, and therefore at too much of an angle to shoot.

But there are some other bugs not yet listed I found:

-Enemys run into buildings, and never come back.

-The thopter is red! If you're going with a westwood theme, shouldn't it be blue if you're attacking the Harkonnen and Ordos?

Also, as mentioned, more speed I think would be appropriate. Something to really get your blood, mind and fingers goin :D. It should at least go faster then the enemy vehicles (It's a thopter! They're fast!)

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Thanks again for your feedbacks. About the Ornithopter sprite; I was thinking of making it purple, as there will be a level where you fight Atreides (I left it in by accident last night, its nowhere near complete)

Also, when the units run into buildings they disappear because it looks really stupid when they go through buildings, and that was just my cheap and nasty fix.

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