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  1. F4 ;) Me and my friends play it at school too (instead of doing work, of course)
  2. Thanks again for your feedbacks. About the Ornithopter sprite; I was thinking of making it purple, as there will be a level where you fight Atreides (I left it in by accident last night, its nowhere near complete) Also, when the units run into buildings they disappear because it looks really stupid when they go through buildings, and that was just my cheap and nasty fix.
  3. OK, I added a whole new level (the Ordos homeworld), complete with new enemies. The new weapons come tommorow (spread fire, sonic shot, and a flame thrower.) TO-DO: More weapons. More levels. Bosses. I think the current release's number of enemies is a bit low, I might revert to the old code if you guys don't like it. Give the Deviator a more interesting attack (at the moment, it is just a carbon copy of the Missle Tank) Kinda done: Smarter enemies (The Sabotuer always tries to kamikaze your Ornithopter, while the Raider Trike occasionally tries to line itself up with you) http://mrt.thanez.net/releasage/thopter17.zip[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  4. Thanks for your feedback. I will try to add as many of these features as I can, maybe for a proper public release :)
  5. I made it from scratch. I did use some of the 1945 code for things I couldn't figure out (homing missles, etc.) but otherwise its my own :) I might add another level, if I can figure out how to do multiple rooms...
  6. I programmed it with Game Maker 5. Everything else, except for the machine gun and healthkit is by Westwood. mrt.thanez.net/releasage/thopter15.zip
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