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(un)official polfan dune2000 patch ?


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about houses dune2000 had 4 houses to play  , atreides, ordos,harkonnen and  .....emperor

and problem is that  as westwood studios  FORGOT  put some changes to code  as emperor  WAS ALLY OF HARKONNEN ,

and needed to delete the house emperor from  houses what can be played by  normal gamer ^_^ 

  this was done before dune2000 was  released to public, as problems were found they  quicky deleted  special effects from game  wrecking most of  standard dune missions!!  dune2000 was released very poorly, no  standard map editor, no ability to generate random maps, no ability to play harkonnen with emperor as allies..

in fact dune2000 should be released  at year 2000 not 1998 as there was too much  screwed stuff.. patches done good job but not recovered what was  taken out before release :(

Wow, interesting points you have there. Where did you get this information from? Would you also like to share more information?

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This topic is old. But VERY interesting, and I do not want it to die.

As the person above my post posted, where did you (AMIgaBot) get that info from? Like holy fuck, dude, I thought Dune 2k was simple; aparantly, Westwood had plans to make this game MUCH more interesting.

AMIgaBot, if you are reading this, do you mind posting all of the stuff about the cut out features of Dune 2000, that you know of?

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Does this mean that V1.07 Patch is dead?

In the last 6 months there have been fresh attempts at reverse engineering Dune 2000, most files have been figured out as well as a lot of the game logic. Mission files are almost at a stage where they can support fresh new conditions and events, resulting in the possibility for a completely new campaign for the game. I believe TSHyper is working on making some changes to the DAT file, although he's currently on holiday. New possibilities for the Dune 2000 mod scene are coming, but it'll be a while yet.

As to this topic, I'm going to be honest, having spent the last 6 months reverse engineering large chunks of this game, I sincerely doubt anything mentioned in this topic was ever actually developed past wishful thinking.

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few years ago i had it. it was notthing  new.  it contained only grapchical changes and some changes were done in tibed. howewer more infantry was escaping when bulding was destroyed . from wind traps  5 people from construction yard 10  from factory about 20 .  there is hidden  survival factor that  display percentage how many infantry can survive bulding destruction.

this system is buggy as you can sometimes get infantry from silo.. no infantry from turrets. (it happens  )

some1 did great job. but now wee have more possiblities with better language programming

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1.07  does not exists anymore .

one of dune2000 mods that can be downloaded here is based on  this.  but  structures have their own values.  you can set infantry survival for tibed to any bulding but it  may not work since  survival factor is stick only to  vital structures.

dune2000.dat  file was cracked  long way ago but  there was noone that was interresed with  going forward. for now we have but    about 3 - 4 years ago there was notthing planned like this, last year and this new year.

sad to say but dune is dead

about grapchical features it was  planned to make an  third pwrson wiev so player could trace unit from any angle.  but  mixing quake with dune was not good idea. it has been abadoned . it could be fun to drive tank and you see it from top of it.

this is for now fiction  but who knows if we get mad modder and develop quake 2000  but its not bad idea.  you could drive  harvester and see it from closer distance same for infantry and tanks..

anyone has experience with lua scripting language ? because lua is easy to  edit and it can be useful.

i studied homeworld 2 lua scripting and it seems to be possible to setup ship and components for dune2000 nessecaries

i mean  ship with  abbout 40  construction modules.  each module can be filled with 1 bulding.  power bar sset for events and dependance  on amount of energy on bar that can be used for build ships.. when  limit is ended  making ships is decreased 50% . to get bar filled build some wind trap modules :D

in month - two i will make my own patch and publicate it since i work alone it will take time.i am not promising aswell.  if i do my own addon i will release it ever if i fail i will release what progressed.

have a nice day in happy new year.

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in internet  there is  around an conversion of total annihilation  that allow you to  use third personseeing. like in avp2 , stalker,  this same can be done to dune.  wait wait. dune2000 for psx has this feature. or something but i think that is it.  we cant do that for dune without experienced ppl that are/were programmers.

i can design  buldings in metasequoia program (similar to 3d max but easier in use)

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Well if it is going to be something like this:



it doesn't worth the effort.

If we can have a good resolution and good graphics without compromise to other stuff then it is OK. As I have contributed some sprites for OpenGFX for OTTD and follow related forums too, it was discussed that 3D would require compromise for OTTD (features cut, not to mention the complete rewrite-existing code for 3D PS? version of TTD, even if it was legal to use, is crap) and developers dropped it. Dune2000 isn't so 'heavy' like OTTD but we would have to drop extra stuff that might be implemented in a future patch.

To my opinion it is better to try to create a patch that will add additional stuff (troops, buildings, terrain), go 32bpp, huge maps, instead of 3D. 3D and large maps (e.g. 2048x2048!!!), thousands of infantry on the board? No way possible!

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Units and structures are stored in the .bin files. The best bet for editing them is to download TibEd. The only way I could see a medic working is by giving it a weapon with negative damage (if that's even possible), but it really wouldn't work well as the default AI would be healing enemies and would have to have the player override (by hitting ctrl) to heal their own units. Modifying units is possible, introducing new units is theoretically possible but not practical at this stage.

Please note that the vast majority of this topic is, as I have previously said, wishful thinking. It is practically impossible to achieve many of the things discussed in this topic without recoding the game from scratch, and before anyone suggests doing that please bear in mind it took a large team of experienced industry professionals over a year to make Dune 2000.

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