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  1. Wich version of Java requires? Im using lastest Java 8 update 281 o a Windows 10 x64 up to date and I get stucked in "mad being made" with no success, im not getting the map done. Am I doing something wrong? thanks.
  2. Thank you very much for keep this project updated! Is there any way to add and use custom tilesets? Like using the RA tilesets?
  3. This is an incredible god job. Tested & working under Windows 10. Thank you very much!. I am actually waiting for next release! I hope you can add the feature to use the new tilesets: BLOXSNOW, BLOXTD and BLOXTEM. Thanks again! #followingthis!
  4. Thanks! I was there before, missed the dd link! xD
  5. Thanks, but nope...That zip file only has BLOXTD tileset. I was looking for BLOXTEM and BLOXSNOW. I think D2kEditor needs an update. If there's another "official" way to add them please let me know :)
  6. Can't find the new RA tilesets (grass and snow) on the editor. How can I add them?
  7. Have you ever tried that? Is it possible?
  8. I'm totally agreed. I share every word you said. But I will keep thinking that that feature is interesting and there's no harm on having an option to play with or without it; let the players decide. We (me and my brother) play custom maps on LAN that I made in which 2 vs 6AI is almost imposible, and "queues feature" may give us a chance to win. I think that would be nice to have the option at least on LAN games, so people like me are free to use it or not; by not compromising the online game, but still enjoying the features that cncnet give us. Btw I have tried openra, but not my thing. Dune 2
  9. Yeah, crossed my mind too. At least it's working now with your new dune2000-spawn.exe. Hope you can find a perm solution. Other topic, (if I may) I'm still waiting for a enable/disable option for build queues. Will this option ever be available? Btw I love the new "short game" option.
  10. Confirmed. It worked. And going backwards (unchecking compatibility 16 bit) the bug seems to be fixed after doing that. Now works with or without DxWnd, why's that?
  11. Done. Here are the logs attached. Hope you will find the solution :) Dune2000Debug_with_DxWnd.txt Dune2000Debug_without_DxWnd.txt
  12. I'll try later or tomorrow on lower resolutions. Meanwhile I can tell you that without DxWnd the game does not start giving me the error attached. Otherwise playing with DxWnd seems going ok.
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