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  1. I just got done updating and when I start start the game up I get a black screen for a second and it crashes with a message And exception was encountered while performing the requested operation. [gGameTicks = 0 ] I know that this is preventing me from play but It wasn't there before I updated. I have one more inquiry I was playing the game before I updated a while back and I noticed the game now stops for half a second then resumes it does this for the rest of the game. I did update my ATI catalyst with the beta drivers. Which was like pulling teeth because everytime you try and update AT
  2. I remember a Topic about someone complaining "FOR THE DUKE, FOR THE DUKE, LETS GO, LETS GO" . But I cannot find this topic anywhere!! not even in the archives. I recall somone telling him where to edit but its just hazy, This was 6 years ago I saw that topic sooo.
  3. Its possible I remember Seeing a topic about something similar along time ago. So it is possible I just dont know which area to edit. or what sound files to put in place.
  4. I want to increase the amount of default sound files that the game plays when you select a group, order them to attack or just move. For example if you select a group of Atreides units and order them to move, they will always say "For the Duke". their is no other voices just that exact same voice played. I just cant play it, for me this is gamebreaker. Now I was browsing around in GeneralSFX.txt and messed around with the attack, move and select sounds for the fremen, sarduakar and guild, For post length Ill just post the Sardaukar. [imgroupAttack] ;Sounds = $13-UA00 ;"To battle!
  5. Removing the High Res patch during installation may have fixed it. It now works, but now I long for multiplayer
  6. Hey can no longer start dune 2000 at all. After that last test. it just hangs at a black screen. The only thing different was I installed a update to fix a problem for another game. which required a restart. Errm it turns out I have to folders one spelled Gruntsmods Studios and one spelled Grunts Mod Studios the latter is the newest one that doesnt work after launching all I get is a blank screen, with not music at all, a void most indescribable. In other words anyone got any help for me?
  7. So I just download the Grunt mod version of Dune 2000 thinking it would fix the screen flicking every 2 to 4 seconds which I was should of suspected was to fail from the start now that I think about it. I started with the shortcut that has -f - g and it turns the flashing screen flickering into a horizontal line flicker across the screen. I tried turning on V-sync and what not. I read that the cause of this is because of Dune's 25 fps limit? Is this a matter of Gpu or the game itself.
  8. Whenever i try and scroll dune with my mouse it scrolls ultra fast i tried editing my mouse settings changed compatibility all of that. It just dont work. The game screen also flickers as well.
  9. Yes it was Cus I did have an engineer use heal and it was using the sound from red alert. The sad thing is this data was on my laptop and I had to reformat it, :\
  10. that is very strange cus i got it to work and all perfectly a while ago
  11. i kinda remeber making a medic i just cant make one now i forgot how too :[
  12. :O i think i may have found a solution while googling myself an answer to my problem with my windows 7 i came upon a post in a website here with a file that cracked the game heres what the person said: I have the same problem regarding Dune 2000 being stuck on the first stage. This usually happens if you try to reproduce the Cd or transform the game into a virtual cd or ISO.I have done some researching and experiments and thus lead me to play Dune on windows XP here's how: 1st>>> INSTALL THE GAME 2ND>>> COPY MOVIES ON YOUR DUNE DIRECTORY/DATA EX: WESTWOOD/DUNE2000/DATA/ 3RD&g
  13. what programs are u guys using to get this stuff done I just want to add a medic If i could do that. Well id be as happy as well i cant think of anything. But yeah I'd be happy. :] :D
  14. Im stuck with tibed trying to make the engineer have a dual use ingame but whenever i forcefire a friendly soldier Dune2k crashes saying invalid bullettype 34. Do i need to assign a warhead to go with it? would it also be possible to add the medic sound from RA95 and stick it with the engineer?
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