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  1. I just got done updating and when I start start the game up I get a black screen for a second and it crashes with a message And exception was encountered while performing the requested operation. [gGameTicks = 0 ] I know that this is preventing me from play but It wasn't there before I updated. I have one more inquiry I was playing the game before I updated a while back and I noticed the game now stops for half a second then resumes it does this for the rest of the game. I did update my ATI catalyst with the beta drivers. Which was like pulling teeth because everytime you try and update ATI GPU's the damn thing takes a chance of failing on part of the installation. So Questions, comments, concerns are welcome and accepted I have to goto work RIGHT now. So toodles.
  2. I remember a Topic about someone complaining "FOR THE DUKE, FOR THE DUKE, LETS GO, LETS GO" . But I cannot find this topic anywhere!! not even in the archives. I recall somone telling him where to edit but its just hazy, This was 6 years ago I saw that topic sooo.
  3. Its possible I remember Seeing a topic about something similar along time ago. So it is possible I just dont know which area to edit. or what sound files to put in place.
  4. I want to increase the amount of default sound files that the game plays when you select a group, order them to attack or just move. For example if you select a group of Atreides units and order them to move, they will always say "For the Duke". their is no other voices just that exact same voice played. I just cant play it, for me this is gamebreaker. Now I was browsing around in GeneralSFX.txt and messed around with the attack, move and select sounds for the fremen, sarduakar and guild, For post length Ill just post the Sardaukar. [imgroupAttack] ;Sounds = $13-UA00 ;"To battle!" Sounds = $13-UA01 ;"Attack!" Sounds = $13-UA03 ;"Time to die!" Sounds = $13-UA06 ;"Death Before Dishonor!" Sounds = $SarAttack1 Sounds = $SarAttack2 [imgroupMove] Sounds = $13-UM01 ;"No surrender!" Sounds = $13-UM02 ;"As you wish!" Sounds = $13-UM03 ;"Take no prisoners." Sounds = $SarMove1 Sounds = $SarMove2 [imgroupSelection] Sounds = $13-US08 ;"We are prepared!" Sounds = $13-US00 ;"Imperial troops reporting." Sounds = $13-US02 ;"Ready for battle." Sounds = $SarSelect1 Sounds = $SarSelect2. Now when I went ingame with the Sardaukar, they still said the same thing when I moved them, "No surrender" so obviously I did something wrong. But I tinkered with the others and they all said the same things after I edited the other fields. Anyone got anything to contribute?
  5. Removing the High Res patch during installation may have fixed it. It now works, but now I long for multiplayer
  6. Hey can no longer start dune 2000 at all. After that last test. it just hangs at a black screen. The only thing different was I installed a update to fix a problem for another game. which required a restart. Errm it turns out I have to folders one spelled Gruntsmods Studios and one spelled Grunts Mod Studios the latter is the newest one that doesnt work after launching all I get is a blank screen, with not music at all, a void most indescribable. In other words anyone got any help for me?
  7. So I just download the Grunt mod version of Dune 2000 thinking it would fix the screen flicking every 2 to 4 seconds which I was should of suspected was to fail from the start now that I think about it. I started with the shortcut that has -f - g and it turns the flashing screen flickering into a horizontal line flicker across the screen. I tried turning on V-sync and what not. I read that the cause of this is because of Dune's 25 fps limit? Is this a matter of Gpu or the game itself.
  8. Whenever i try and scroll dune with my mouse it scrolls ultra fast i tried editing my mouse settings changed compatibility all of that. It just dont work. The game screen also flickers as well.
  9. Yes it was Cus I did have an engineer use heal and it was using the sound from red alert. The sad thing is this data was on my laptop and I had to reformat it, :\
  10. that is very strange cus i got it to work and all perfectly a while ago
  11. i kinda remeber making a medic i just cant make one now i forgot how too :[
  12. :O i think i may have found a solution while googling myself an answer to my problem with my windows 7 i came upon a post in a website here with a file that cracked the game heres what the person said: I have the same problem regarding Dune 2000 being stuck on the first stage. This usually happens if you try to reproduce the Cd or transform the game into a virtual cd or ISO.I have done some researching and experiments and thus lead me to play Dune on windows XP here's how: 1st>>> INSTALL THE GAME 2ND>>> COPY MOVIES ON YOUR DUNE DIRECTORY/DATA EX: WESTWOOD/DUNE2000/DATA/ 3RD>>> UPGRADE TO PATCH 1.06 4TH>>> COPY THE CRACK FOUND HERE http://rapidshare.com/files/48306814/Dune_2000_v1_1_.06.zip 4TH>>> EDIT THE FILENAME resource.cfg and open it to notepad.... EDIT THE PATH WHERE YOU PLACED THE MOVIES DIRECTORY 5TH>>> BACKUP ORIGINAL DUNE.EXE FILE 6TH>>> CRACK THE GAME AND HAVE FUN After trying what this user suggested my game no longer have the chance of having the game crash with that sound crash that had eva for example say "Base under Attack ack ack ack ack ack". I didnt have movies for the game so i skipped the 2nd step and the step of editing resource.cfg I hope this helps u :]
  13. what programs are u guys using to get this stuff done I just want to add a medic If i could do that. Well id be as happy as well i cant think of anything. But yeah I'd be happy. :] :D
  14. Im stuck with tibed trying to make the engineer have a dual use ingame but whenever i forcefire a friendly soldier Dune2k crashes saying invalid bullettype 34. Do i need to assign a warhead to go with it? would it also be possible to add the medic sound from RA95 and stick it with the engineer?
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